Organo Gold Provides High Quality Coffee With Health Benefits And Helps Youths Acheive Successful Futures

According to recent studies published through the Annals of Internal Medicine, coffee drinkers may be reducing their risk of death from diseases including stroke and heart disease. One of the two studies included 185,000 Americans, and found both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee reduced the fatality risks associated with cancer, diabetes, and kidney failure in Latinos, African Americans, Whites, and Japanese Americans. Organo Gold is also available at Amazon.

Individuals drinking two or three cups of coffee daily reduced their chance of death by eighteen percent when compared to individuals who did not consume any coffee. The test was conducted over a period of sixteen years. There were updates every five years regarding the coffee drinking habits of the group.

The European study covered ten countries, and over 520,000 people were surveyed. The determination was people who did not drink coffee had a higher risk of death than people drinking several cups each day. Due to the limitations of the studies, the researchers were unable to pinpoint why coffee appeared to contain these health benefits. In both studies, the nonsmokers and smokers were separated, and additional factors may have had a part in the results achieved. Watch this video on Youtube.

Most people are familiar with Organo Gold for their coffees made with Ganoderma, a mushroom providing numerous and significant health benefits. What many individuals are unaware of is the philanthropic role filled by Organo Gold. They help the young women and men struggling throughout the world in several ways.

Organo Gold established the OG Cares Foundation to guide these individuals, provide tools, resources, and education to make positive changes, and improve lives. They bridge the gap by helping youths who believe their future is meaningless by providing them with the skills they need to achieve success. As a non-profit organization, the Organo Gold Cares Foundation has made a critical difference in the lives of the youths.