The Role Of Vincent Parascandola As Senior Executive Vice President Of AXA Advisors, LLC

Vincent Parascandola is responsible for sales, besides management development, recruiting, retention, as well as productivity and developing of new financial professionals at AXA Advisors.

  1. Vincent Parascandola has over 25 years of rich experience in this industry. He had begun his career as an agent with Prudential in 1987. He was National Rookie of the Year. Then he joined MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990. He held various field management positions here before he joined AXA Advisors in 2004.

AXA Advisors, LLC is the broker and retail distribution channel for AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. It is one of the premier providers of life insurance as well as annuity products in the country. They have a network of nearly 6,000 financial professionals.

They have a number of products for women too specifically. At AXA, customized solutions are created for women based on their goals, resources as well as point of view. They are well aware that women need to take care of their parents, children, and plan for retirement too. Many professional women tend to find themselves in this challenging position of caring for their aging parents as well as raising their children. As a result, women have to juggle the needs of their parents as well as children while allocating energy to their career, marriage, as well as retirement planning, besides many other priorities. Hence this can mean that planning for their retirement is not able to get the attention that it needs.

Hence during this time of many responsibilities, women must keep their own financial objectives in mind. But knowing how and where to start can be quite overwhelming. There are some manageable steps that can help this kind of balancing of financial needs.

AXA Advisors would advise to keep saving for retirement. This helps to ensure the financial future. This way the family can be in a much better financial position once women get older. It is important to preserve the retirement fund. Hence for higher education, children can apply for scholarship and loans, along with financial aid without putting a burden on the woman.

Business Tips From Entrepreneur Josh Verne Of FlockU

The founder and chief executive officer of, Josh Verne was on the Knowledge For Men podcast hosted by Andrew Ferebee. The interview took a look at Josh Verne’s career and his ups and downs. Josh also shared tips to his fellow men on how they can improve their business and their lives through things that Josh has learned through firsthand experience.


When deciding upon which business to start or which career to embark upon, Josh Verne says that you must choose a business or career that you will feel passionate about doing. You really can’t be successful in business without passion says Verne. If your daily job is not one which you are passionate about, then it will simply be drudgery. Choose a job that you are passionate about and you will be more likely to succeed. It will also be more fun too, which is another side benefit.


For anybody who is in business or has a family, Josh Verne says that you need to speak far less and listen far more. He hammers home this point, by saying you were born with two ears and one mouth so you would listen more and speak less. The reason for speaking less and listening is more, is so that you can absorb more of the knowledge and tips given to you. By speaking less frequently, you will also appear to be more authoritative in the times when you do speak. People will also pay more attention to you if you listen to them and do not blabber on endlessly.


The Changing Landscape In The Mexican Oil Industry

New entrants into the Mexican oil energy industry are set to face challenges before their ventures can turn into profitable businesses. These newbies are aiming to diversify the market, which for a long time was served by Pemex. If their efforts bear fruit, Mexico will overcome the Cantarell, a catastrophe that drastically reduced the rate of daily oil production. For Pemex, their long-held monopoly is in its dying stages.


Most of the new firms already own oil wells. However, before drilling starts, they have to resolve land ownership disputes that Pemex left unresolved, as in the case of Cotemar in Veracruz. Additionally, some of the franchises are still waiting for operational licenses. Other challenges to be overcome include burglary of infrastructure and organized crimes. Despite these obstacles, the future’s bright for the Mexican oil energy industry.


The issuance of deep-water tenders will be a difficult task to the Mexican government. For the exploration to be viable, tax and royalty rates will have to rise. The number of petroleum barrels produced per day must also increase if the project is to be financially feasible. These reforms are being implemented to reduce the overreliance on Pemex in the case of financial difficulties. Furthermore, the adjustments are meant to create favorable conditions for new investors in the petroleum mining sector.


Anti-pollution regulations imposed by international environmental bodies have hastened the process of formulating relevant legislature. These reforms will eventually attract the global big boys in oil mining, but as we wait for that to happen, it is time for the local companies to delve into the business. That said, a revolution in the Mexican energy sector is surely underway.


About Cotemar


Cotemar provides services to offshore oil mining companies. Through their customized ships, they offer catering services, transport services, and energy solutions to their clients. In addition to these, they also have towing boats for moving oil rigs, and full and modern firefighting equipment. Moreover, they also include lodging amenities in their service portfolio.


Since its inception in 1979, Cotemar has always maintained a good rapport with its clients. They employ excellent staff who avail exemplary services to their clientele. Their excellent services have been certified by Pemex, who is the largest consumer of their products. For close to four decades, Cotemar has been the leading provider of offshore services in Mexico.


The revolution in the oil industry offers promise to institutions such as Cotemar. With the number of players set to increase, the firm will enjoy a broader customer base. This will, in turn, translate into higher returns.





The Great Designs And Purposes Behind Hussain Sajwani’s Projects

A lot of thought is put into the projects that Hussain Sajwani gets involved in. It is evident in the design of these projects. A lot of artistic thought has been put into the project. When they take part in these projects, the whole idea is to not provide some kind of place for people to go, but to also make it very visual stunning so that it can be an attraction for people to check out. Hussain has a lot of luxury projects that are available for people to visit and even more that are in the process of being built.


One thing that makes DAMAC properties stand out from properties built by other companies is that they are designed for multiple purposes. For instance, one golf resort is good not just for golfing and spending time there but also shopping and finding some really good souvenirs. People can create memories of being at the golf resort by paying for items that they got from the resort. Hussain shows a lot of thought of more than just a place for people to go. He shows that he thinks about the time that could be spent at the place.


Very few people put a lot of creativity and thought behind their projects like Hussain and the crew of DAMAC does. The artistic thought that goes into the design is very innovative. It is only matched by the safety of the projects. Even though the projects have a lot of very alluring designs, they also allow customers to enjoy their time there without worrying about any flaws in the design. Hussain has made sure that the buildings are made of the highest quality materials so that they will have a lot of durability. One of the best things to do is enable people to enjoy their time without any type of concern.

Professor Sujit Choudhry’s Career in Constitutional Law

There are many reasons why lawyers chose to study law. One of the main reasons is to change how society views things and to shape opinion. As influencers, lawyers are respected professionals. The legal profession is known as a noble one, with many standards and ethical expectations.

Professor Sujit Choudhry: Who Is He?

One of the lawyers who have contributed immensely to the development of law is Sujit Choudhry. Choudhry is a professor of law and he specializes in comparative and constitutional law. As a professor of law, Choudhry has made great contributions to the profession through research and legal advice. He is known for providing in-depth research and devoting his experience and time towards building the constitutions of various countries.

Professor Sujit Choudhry will be remembered for his contribution in the constitution-building process of countries such as Tunisia, Ukraine, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Libya. He also assisted the Nepalese government to come up with their constitution.

As a legal research expert, Professor Sujit Choudhry has interest in various areas of law. He is passionate about comparative constitutional law as a broad area. In this area, he does research on constitutional designs and strategies. According to Choudhry, constitutional designs can be used to embody the values of a society and rid it of issues such as conflict. Constitutionalism is also a tool for democratic politics and order in society.

Professor Choudhry’s addition to the field cannot go unappreciated. He has published many materials in the area of comparative constitutional law and he continues to do so. With over 90 articles, working papers and book chapters, Choudhry has also contributed to reports and collections. Some of his collections include “The Migration of Constitutional Ideas,” a book which he published in 2006.  Source

Apart from his published works, Choudhry is also a member of various boards. He sits as a member of the International Society of Public Law, the International Journal of International Law as well as the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review.

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Choudhry is currently a professor at Berkeley where he imparts knowledge to young lawyers.

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Different Conveniences Offered By Internet Of Things Can Excite Scottsdale Entrepreneur Jason Hope

When it comes to the Internet of Things, Jason Hope and plenty of other people have a lot to be excited about. One of the common issues that people face is the commute. Often times, people have to travel to work on busy and often dangerous roads. The heavy traffic congestion not only make it frustrating, but also dangerous for people to ride because it is easier to crash into one another on a busy street.

Fortunately, there are alternatives being put into effect thanks to the Internet of Things. There are already self driving cars and other types of inventions that are designed to make travel easier.

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One thing that Jason Hope can enjoy from the Internet of Things is a car that has access to calendars and schedules. The vehicle will know where one has to be and at what time. Therefore, it will be able to map out the best route. It will also have access to information about traffic and any forms of construction on the road. This will make it easier for people to get to where they need to go safely and in a timely manner. The potential benefits that can come from this is very exciting. For one thing, there will be fewer accidents on the road.

This is very exciting to Jason Hope because he is someone who loves humanity. He not only wants other humans to live a safe life, but he is also doing what he can to make sure that he is helping with the quality of life. In order to help improve life, one has to be very efficient. Fortunately, Jason has a lot of efficiency in finding the key to improving life for others. For one thing, he seeks to improve the health of humanity with the use of technology and treatments of diseases.

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Online Reputation Management, a Critical Aspect of your Business

The internet has been touted as the best thing that happened to companies. It connects your business to potential clients and suppliers while relaying information at incredible speeds. It’s downside, however, is that the information presented online could have disastrous results for your business.

Having unpleasant digital footprints could cause havoc to an otherwise stable company. It could be information that got placed accidentally or that which was genuinely placed, but its presence online will be hurting your business continuously. An example of such negative impacts is the court cases that the management would wish to have the information removed.

Whether the negative data on the internet got there accidentally or not, the question is how to manage a company’s online reputation. There are a number of ways through which this reputation can be managed. They include:

  1. Monitor social media mentions and Google suggests.

The Public relations arm of the company needs to work in sync to ensure that whatever appears on the company’s website is active information about the enterprise. Negative reviews ought to be countered in a professional manner.

  1. Claim your listing.

The ability to monitor and respond to online attacks depends a lot on your preparedness as a company. You should have a department that swings into action to counter any arising negativity as soon as it occurs to lessen the damage of the blow.

  1. Pulling down negative content

As an aggrieved party, you can use the available channels to remove content that you do not feel comfortable. Some experts who have dealt with search engines understand the workings of conduits and can pull down unwanted content before too much damage is done.

According to an online review on  Tipp News Daily!, positive reputations need to be built as the brand grows. A bad reputation gets best responded to with a real answer that seeks to explain why the negative review happened in the first place. Customers are people who appreciate candidness. They appreciate that no one is perfect and know that mistakes do happen. The difference is the manner in which those errors are handled.

Companies that are willing to outsource this critical management facility can get software that offers PR mediation and reputation management. Whichever option you choose should be able to give your company a good image.


Capital Anesthesiology Association: In Pursuit of Greatness

Anesthesiology is one of those medical services that truly stands along from the pack. This medication can help the patient deal with the mental and physical frustration that comes from everyday living. Without anesthesia services, performing medical services would be downright painful. There is one medical organization that has revolutionized anesthesiology services for a more progressive and productive process. This organization is located in the Austin, Texas Area and it’s been around since 1973. Capital Anesthesiology Association is the name and providing the very best in anesthesia services is the game.


Capital Anesthesiology Association has come along way since it’s inception back in 1973. Today it is one of the nation’s largest independent practices that specialize in this vital services. CAA creates the most comfortable environment possible and it provides the highest quality of medical services whether it’s pediatric, obstetric, cardiothoracic, general, or regional anesthesiology services. The medical personnel is highly trained as well as the administrative personnel. There are up to 20 medical facilities that benefit from these valuable services including Dell Children’s Medical Center, Inspire Surgical Centre, Strictly Pediatrics, Texas Surgery Center, Texas Orthopedics, Seton Hayes, and numerous others.  Check this site.


Board Certified Physicians and Nurses grace the halls on a consistent basis. Did you know tat there are at least 130 nurses and 80 doctors here? That’s right! This team of medical personnel has centuries of experience and expertise, which gives the patients the best possible outcomes after medical treatment.

Whitney Wolfe Reigns in the Dating World

She has created an interesting concept with her Bumble dating app, and it is a sure sign that the dating world is changing. What this represents is a shift in what was the norm and an introduction to what may possibly be the future of dating in the app world.

There is a certain amount of interest in what Whitney Wolfe is bringing to the table because she creates dating apps that are free. This has become something that is different from other apps in the past that have required users to pay a premium fee. When Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder she was already in a place where she wanted to make quality apps that allowed customers to sign up for free. This was something that had been overlooked in most of the dating apps. The majority of these apps require users to sign up and pay a monthly fee.

What Whitney Wolfe ultimately did was rebel against the system and build a totally different type of atmosphere. She gave potential used the chance to meet the love of their life without paying a dime to do so. This has definitely serve her well because many people are tired of the same old things over and over here.

Whitney Wolfe is the type of woman that knows that there was a change that needed to be implemented in daring apps. That is why her Bumble puts women in the driver’s seat and it allows them to have a better selection over who they choose to connect with online. This is very important for young adults.

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Clay Siegall’s Responsibilities At Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is a genetic expert and an experienced executive leader. The scientist is the president and CEO of Seattle Genetics, a biotech company focusing on developing cancer therapies. He co-founded the company in 1998. Over the last two years, he has been involved in helping the firm come up with quality cancer treatments and enhancing the funding needed by the company to further its research.

The company’s first commercial cancer therapy was known as ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin). The drug is used to treat patients experiencing the failure of auto-HSCT, failure of at least two prior multi-agent chemotherapy regimens, and systemic anaplastic large cell lymphoma. The drug is the first in the line of many antibody-drug conjugates being developed by the company. It was approved in 2011 by FIDA. The drug has already been approved in over 60 countries worldwide. This information was originally mentioned on Seattle Genetic’s website as outlined in the following link

Dr. Siegall’s strategic business plans have been central to the company’s fundraising goals. Seattle Genetics has been able to raise over $325 million from licensing its ADC technology to other biotech firms such as AbbVie, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Genentech. These deals have resulted into the development of over 20 ADCs. Apart from selling the ADC technology to other firms, Dr. Siegall has also been responsible for overseeing the initial public offering conducted by Seattle Genetics in 2001. The IPO and private funding have seen the company raise over $1.2 billion in the last 20 years.

Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Clay worked for various institutions as a researcher. These organizations include the National Cancer Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and National Institute of Health. In the research facilities, he focused on cancer and cancer therapies. Dr. Siegall’s experience in the field has also seen him sit on the boards of leading firms such as Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and Alder BioPharmaceutical.

Many media outlets have also hosted the expert. For instance, he has been to CNBC where discussed his company’s plans for treating non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. CNBC’s Meg Tirrell hosted him. The scientist is confident that his firm’s therapies would revolutionize the treatment of the disease. Dr. Seigall has active Facebook and Twitter accounts, which he uses to communicate with his followers and friends.