Dr Walden defied all odds against her

Jennifer Walden is a successful plastic surgeon working in Texas. Walden was always receiving good grades in her classes. She has always been eager to prove people wrong. There are very few female doctors that perform cosmetic surgery. Only twelve board certified cosmetic surgeons live in Texas. Walden is one of those twelve.

Walden specializes in breast augmentations, face-lifts, and eyelid lifts. The breast surgery runs at about $7,000. The face-lift costs $10,000 and the eyelid lifts run anywhere between 8000 and 9000 dollars.

Surgery careers, in general, are less popular because of all the extra schooling medical students have to go through. In addition to the four years of college, students, on average, have to attend five more years of medical school (sometimes more than that). That means that medical students would not finish school until their late 20’s. For a woman, that usually means she has to wait to start a family. For more info about us: https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/78384/Dr-Jennifer+L.-Walden-Austin-TX.html click here.

Also, surgery centers have not been as accepting of women as they should be. Women usually start at the bottom of the work chain and have to work twice as hard as their co-workers to prove strengths.

Walden likes working as a plastic surgeon because a majority of plastic surgery recipients are females. Women use plastic surgery to fix a part of their body that is sagging or off balance.

Pregnant women will witness their body change a lot. After breast feeding, their breasts will lose some of their fat. Or the abdominal wall muscles will spread. Walden talks about how women are more comfortable talking about their bodies to other women. Most of Dr Jennifer Walden’s patients know that she will never judge them.

Walden moved back home (to Texas) from New York City to be with her sons. She chose to be a single mom. Her goal is to help women.

How Roberto Santiago has generated Million of Dollar from his Business Ventures

Roberto Santiago is an individual who is regarded as a role model by many young entrepreneurs in Brazil. The 59 years old millionaire has been an active businessman since his teenage years. He owns properties in Joao Pessoa, and they include Mangeria Shopping and Manaira Shopping. Santiago is a knowledgeable individual, and he has a business administration degree. His first significant profits were from a restaurant that he had opened in Santa Rosa. The success of the enterprise enabled him to the gain sufficient capital that he used in establishing a business that manufactured a variety of decorative products from cardboards. Roberto had accumulated enough wealth to venture into the real estate sector by 1987. Roberto then started building Manaira Shopping, which was opened after two years.


Manaira Shopping has several features that make it be considered as the best retail center in Joao Pessoa. The building covers more than 135,000 square feet, and it has a parking lot that can be used by about 8100 vehicles. The business center has several amenities that make its appealing to shoppers and tourists. The facilities that it houses include banks, a food court, a bowling area, a game zone, a garden, 11 movie theaters, and over 280 shopping stores. Manaira Shopping has been the city’s biggest business center from when it was established. It has also undergone a couple of renovations that have enabled it to stay modern for the past 28 years. The size of the mall’s food court has been increased three times to accommodate the Joao Pessoa’s growing population.


In 2009, Roberto Santiago established a state-of-the-art concert hall on Manaira Shopping’s roof top. The architecture of the Domus Hall is outstanding, and it is ideal for hosting a variety of events. It has two stories that offer sufficient space for about 10,000 standing guests. Domus Hall is unique due to its cutting-edge air condition and sounding systems. Manaira Shopping’s food court has an excellent environment that enables shoppers to enjoy a wide variety of meals that are offered by its restaurants. It houses both cheap fast food cafes and high-end eateries.


According to Roberto Santiago, a business needs to be offering the best products and services for it to beat the stiff market competition. He strives to ensure that Manaira Shipping the favorite place for all shoppers in Jaoa Pessoa. His success as an entrepreneur can be attributed to hard work, discipline, passion, and commitment. Besides being successful in business, Santiago was a sportsman when he was a youth. He competed in a couple of motocross champion races and won several trophies. The Joao Pessoa community acknowledges him due to his commitment to enabling young people to achieve their dreams.


Substantial Success in Seven Years: The EOS Company

In only seven years, the EOS company has gone from a small company with a small startup to the second best-selling lip balm in the country. Their goal was to create a new lip balm from scratch, in order to provide women with a better lip care alternative.

Previously to EOS lip balm, there were very few all natural lip care alternatives available to consumers. Chapstick tubes were pretty unimpressive, and the primary flavors available were cherry and mint. Chapstick was also marketed as a unisex product. EOS found this to be unsatisfactory, also view fantastic review here on allure.com. After doing in-depth consumer research and learning as much as possible about the current market trends, EOS discovered that a huge amount of women used Chapstick as a beauty product. Women were complaining about how easy it was to lose their lip balms and Chapsticks in the depths of their purses, and they mentioned that though they liked the little pots of lip balm on the market, they did not like having to apply it with their fingers. EOS decided that since women were depending daily on their lip care products, that they deserved a product that was not only useful but fun and delicious as stated also in usmagazine.com.

With that information, EOS created their adorable and colorful orbs of lip balm, click to see products. They smelled and tasted fantastic, would not be lost easily, and were an all-natural healthy alternative to lip care. The product took off rapidly. It first appeared in Walgreens and was quickly picked up by many other large chains after that. Over the course of less than a decade, EOS was selling around one million lip balm spheres a week, and the company was worth $250 million. They are still growing and plan to keep making strides to improve the evolution of skin care without any signs of stopping.

Find out more cool and fun facts here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0avkr4IdtM.


Sushi Itto Gains International Recognition Due to Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is now known as the Best Franchisee of the World. This is a highly distinguished title. He received this award in 2015. Omar Yunes was awarded the number one slot in a competition that was held in Florence, Italy. The participants came from countries such as Spain, Portugal, as well as France, and Hungary. In fact, there were several other entries from the home country of Omar Yunes, Mexico, too. This is why before competing in the world final; he had to compete against others from his own country. This was done through a regional version that was organized for this event. In this two franchisees were selected and sent to represent Mexico and compete in Florence.

This is a world competition that awards and recognizes leaders whose talents are able to stand out amongst all. The panel of judges looks at several aspects here. These include aspects like the improvements that the leaders have made to the network, besides the saving programs that are being implemented by them. They also looked at the creative style which they could add to this brand. Next is the knowledge they could add to their company. This way any successful franchise exhibits all these characteristics. In fact, there can be much more which even the judges may not expect. This is where Omar Yunes was able to score high among these leaders.

He is a franchisee of Sushi Itto. The kind of success he has been able to display within his network is much more than what many businesses are able to see through their lifetime. In fact, Omar Yunes had purchased the franchise when he was just 21. He has managed to expand it to 13 units today. He employs 400 workers. All of them are committed to keeping the customers satisfied.

Omar Yunes won the first prize as he has been able to add his uniqueness to this relationship between the franchise and franchisee. It is not typical anymore. He maintains a professional outlook while personally interacting also with the people at Sushi Itto. Besides, he has a unique leadership style too.


ClassDojo on a mission to train students minds

The most important aspect in teaching and learning is communication, which is what ClassDojo strives to do. With this new ground breaking app teachers, parents, and even students are able to share photos, videos, and messages to enhance the classroom. With this app teachers can now share the activities they gave in class with parents. By doing this the parents will have a better understanding of what their kids are learning, therefore parents will be able to help their kids with homework more effectively. Without this app a teacher may explain a concept one way and the parent another. This can lead to the student being confused by multiple explanations. With ClassDojo teachers can show how they explain concepts to students, so the parents can use a similar explanation to avoid confusion. This app not only assists in academics but can also help by easing the parent’s fears about what goes on during class. Sending a kid to school can be scary for a parent due to fear of the unknown. Many parents may fear that their kids may experience difficulty adjusting to school life, especially if their transfer student or was being home schooled. It can be extremely hard for students with autism to communicate with their parents what happens at school. With this app teachers can show parents what their kids are doing throughout the day, so the parent are not in the dark about what goes on. With this app the barrier between students, teachers, and parents are broken, making it easier for everyone to communicate.

Eric Pulier: A man of Action

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, published author, columnist, technologist, as well as the founder of more than fifteen companies. He has made a lot of money for business ventures  established. A sampling of Pulier’s investments includes the ServiceMesh, Desktone, Akana, Media Platform, US Interactive, Digital Evolution, as well as Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council (ECLC), which merged into Tele Management (TM) Forum. He has also invested in various venture capital funds; he’s often partnering with many venture capital groups and charitable organizations.

He’s an active investor in startups of seed level in technology and media, a majority of which went on to financings that are successful. Pulier has four children and lives in L.A., California. He’s serving on the Painted Turtle’s board, a summer camp that takes care of kids with chronic illness as well as the X PRIZE Foundation innovation board.

In the interview, Ideamensch asked Puller, where the vAtomic System idea came from; he answered that significant market trends are converging on creating an opportunity that’s truly disruptive, which is transforming the economy and people’s livelihood. These ideas are obvious in retrospect, however, when some factors emerge, they quickly become daily life staples. With vAtomic System, his new venture, it became clear macro elements were there to impact the economy by taking the digital goods off the games. The elements included blockchain technology, mobile GPS, good trading rise, and proven game mechanics.

Puller said that the thing that makes him more productive as a successful entrepreneur is the habit he has of always using the mechanics with the writing process for thinking through answers and engaging in creative ideation. That varies from writing to show ideas already made. This habit allows Puller to develop confidence for attacking problems that look daunting initially, without the need of working out everything before he begins. For more info about us: http://inspirery.com/eric-pulier/ click here.

Puller said that Peter Diamandis had influenced his thinking; he’s an innovator, scientist, and a true humanitarian. He’s also the XPRIZE founder as well as co-founder of other companies like Planetary Resources, Human Longevity, and Singular University.

George Soros’ Support to Minority Groups

George Soros is one of the world’s most recognized philanthropists. He is ranked by the Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s richest people. In 1979, Soros created the Open Society Foundation, which is an organization that has been striving to better the lives of individuals who are oppressed by their communities. Since inception, he has given more than $12 billion dollars to facilitate the foundation’s activities. The billionaire believes in accountability, justice, and transparency in governments. The Open Societies Foundations supports different organizations that fight for civil and human rights. It has been advocating for the rights of the Roma people since they are regarded as a minority group in Europe. The foundation has also donated money to protect individuals who are unwanted in the society such as gays, sex workers, and drug addicts. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Soros has accumulated most of his wealth from currency speculations and the hedge fund industry. He owns Soros Fund Management, which is a New York-based hedge fund company. The firm was created in 1970 and is regarded as the one of the most successful in the United States. Soros has assisted many ignored communities to have better lives. He has offered scholarships to empower young people through education. The Open Society Foundation currently works with a couple of partners and institutions that are based in more than 100 nations. Its first beneficiaries were black South Africans who were sponsored to attend Universities abroad since the apartheid rule did not allow them to enroll in higher learning institutions.

The liberal billionaire believes that governments should be just to their citizens. He was among the major forces behind the Ferguson protest. George Soros offered millions of dollar to various civil and human rights activists to mobilize people to participate in the demonstrations. His aim was to make sure that there was civil action against Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown. The young black man was unarmed during the confrontation with the police officer, but he was still shot several times. The protests demanded the indictment of the policeman. The Open Societies Foundation motivated the groups to change the small shooting incident into an issue that attracted global attention.

Know more: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-did-george-soros-become-the-favorite-boogeyman-of-the-right-2017-5

According to the Soros-owned organization’s tax records, about $33 million was donated towards different groups that were in the frontline during the protests. Most of these organization had significant influence in the grassroots. The director of the Open Societies Foundation stated that the body is committed to offering financial aid to the activist groups, but it does not control their activities. He also believes that governments should not violate the freedom of speech of their citizens. The Ferguson protests had a positive impact on the lives of the black community. Read this story at Politico.com about George Soros.

White Shark Media About PPC On Mobile

PPC on Mobile is an important factor to consider but many businesses tend to overlook it. This affects their business strategy in a big way. In fact, studies reveal that major part of media consumption is through the mobile. This is why it is important that advertisers focus on their mobile-first strategies.White Shark Media presents a few insights here. Even though the majority of media consumption may be on mobile, but the content is made typically on desktops or laptops. Hence it is natural to design for such an environment. Even the search terms being used on desktop and mobile are different. But marketers still view it like an afterthought in all their online marketing efforts.

Due to all these factors, White Shark Media recommends having a paid-per-click campaign along with a mobile strategy. It may seem difficult to consider a mobile as well as desktop marketing strategy from the beginning itself. But this is important in order to have a strong foundation.

It is clear to all that the world of digital marketing is changing constantly. This is why having a solid foundation is critical to navigating these ongoing changes in a successful manner.

White Shark Media is aware that most clients have experimented with PPC already. They are well aware how search terms along with targeted services work. But they tend to forget about mobile marketing, strategic bidding process or even reliable tracking.

They need to know the kind of budget on which they can work upon. Poor tracking is a big mistake that companies tend to make with their PPC. This is because they do not know how to measure their efforts successfully. This is why White Shark Media believes that there must be a successful PPC pipeline that must be measured from start to finish. It must be on both mobile as well as desktop. This will give the maximum returns.


Find out more about White Shark Media:


Betsy DeVos Shares Thoughts on Education System

Betsy DeVos is definitely impressing a lot of people that have been waiting for education reform. She has been able to solidify herself as a strong advocate for the charter school system, and I believe that she is on the right track when it comes to building a better education platform.Many people do not really know about the charter school system, but this is becoming something that is much more prevalent because Betsy DeVos is putting more time into it. She has long stated that there is a huge difference in the charter school and public school system. She believes that more charter schools should be put in place because it raises a new standard.

Kids that are part of public school are going to want to get into the charter schools because they know that it gives them a better opportunity. Parents are also going to be more focused on helping your children when they get into the charter schools. This plays a major part in the success of students that have been trying to figure out how they can achieve more before they enter their college years. Many students, before Betsy DeVos (@BetsyDeVos)| Twitter put more emphasis on charter schools, were not even considering going to college. Many of them simply assumed that a college career was out of their reach. What Betsy DeVos has done is give people access to a better school system even if they are not from the best of neighborhoods.

This is something that I have admired Betsy DeVos because she has become a catalyst for changing education throughout the United States of America. I believe that a large part of her focus comes from the fact that students in America are not passing standardized tests. There is a low success rate when it comes to high scores on these type of exams. Betsy DeVos knows that a lot of this just comes from teachers and children that are not motivated. What Betsy DeVos proposes is that more teachers become engaged in the daily lives of their students. She does not want the public school system to simply be a failed education system where teachers are giving homework assignments and not providing any possibility for the students to grow.I can appreciate someone like DeVos because she speaks her mind and she lets people know about the grievances that she has with the education system. She may not be in a position to totally change the education system in the next four years, but I do believe that she will make a lot of progress. Unlike other former people in the position of Secretary of Education, I believe the Besty will get things done.

Omar Boraie Used Boraie Development for Improvements

The idea behind Boraie Development is that it is able to help the town of New Brunswick have newer buildings and things that are going to bring improvements to the city. Omar Boraie knew this when he started the company and he has worked very hard to continue helping people with the things that he can do for the company. Since then, Omar Boraie has been helping people and has been showing them what they can do in different situations. He has also been trying his best to show other people what they can get from the situations that they are in and how they can also help to make New Brunswick better. This is all documented in The Visions of Omar Boraie on the Central Jersey Working Moms site.

The first thing that Omar Boraie did was create a development. This was the first high rise that New Brunswick had ever seen and it was something that made it easier for people to realize what they could get out of different situations. It was also the first time that people realized what they would be able to do and how they would be able to make a difference for others. Since Omar Boraie tried to make things better on his own, Boraie Development was a great way for the city to get better and for people to try different things.

By using the development company, Omar Boraie knew what he was doing and also knew that he could make things better for other people. It was something that he was good at and something that he was confident in because of the way that things worked out for him. He also knew that it would be helpful for him so that he could try different things in the area that he was in. Omar Boraie handled all of these situations in a way that made it easy for him to enjoy the experiences that came with a new business.

While New Brunswick is now so much better than what it used to be, it still has a long way to go. Omar Boraie is hoping that he will be able to make it a better city and that people can try different things with it. He is also doing what he can to make the city better and to grow it to new levels. Omar Boraie is planning big things for New Brunswick.

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