Securus Technologies – Empowering Local Law Enforcement Agencies with Advanced Crime Prevention Technology

Technology needs to be innovated and upgraded at frequent intervals to ensure it blends well with the contemporary demands and times. Same is the case in the world of prison technology and inmate communications. However, one of the companies that have been single-handedly revolutionizing the field of inmate communications and crime prevention technology is Securus Technologies. The company was established in the year 1986, and since then has grown to become one of the pioneers in the field, and has a broad spectrum of products and services on offer to the correctional agencies.


Securus Technologies believes that developing new technologies and improving and upgrading the existing technologies is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. And, it is for this reason the company announced recently that it had spent over $600 million in research and development as well as a patent acquisition in the last few years. It goes on to showcase the commitment of the company towards the field of inmate communications and prison technology. Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and has other branch officers in Allen, Carrollton, and Atlanta. The company also provides parolee tracking services and government information management solutions.


Recently, Securus Technologies shared with the world the views of the law enforcement officers about the enterprise. The company receives hundreds of letters each week from the law enforcement personnel, and the company decided to share parts of these letters in an open press release on the internet. The law enforcement officials felt much safer after using the products and services of Securus Technologies and also helped them catch the offenders much quickly. The information provides by Securus Technologies’ services such as LBS and Investigation Pro makes it easier for the law enforcement officers. I feel that such services are highly needed in times when the crime rate is increasing across the globe and communities are vulnerable to criminal activities.

Igor Cornelsen Make It Easier For Investors To Maximize Returns

Igor Cornelsen has been investing in Brazil for many years. He knows exactly what is needed in order to build a better investment portfolio, but many people may have never considered the information that he has been providing. Igor has some great tips that people can follow if they want something different for their lives.


What Igor has done is make sure that people are comfortable with the process of investing. They should not put anything on auto pilot. The investor that turns all of his investments over to someone else is just asking for trouble. The thing that Igor tells all investors is to be mindful of the investments that are being made. People that are investing need to have access to what their stocks or mutual funds are doing. They need to know do some research and know if they are investing in something that is giving them the type of returns they desire.


Igor Cornelsen has become a fan of Brazilian investing. He was there for a long time before he made his way back to America. All of his time as an investment banker has given him a lot of room to build his own portfolio. He knows about what people need to look at in terms of exports and imports. He built a career in the banking industry, and he believes that investors should consider Brazil as a place for investment funds. There are better returns in Brazil sometimes so people need to consider what Igor is talking about.


He has also mentioned the benefit that comes with saving money early. He realizes that people should start as early as possible in order to benefit from compound interest. Even people that do not have a lot of money to save should still consider the benefits of early investments. The compound interest is so valuable for all of those people that are trying to save for retirement.


Another thing that Igor recommends is for people to become patient with their investments. The patient investor will be able to see some great investment returns when they wait.

Adam Milstein: Voice of Progression

Adam Milstein is known as one of the most predominant voices in the Jewish community. He’s also a renowned real estate investor. Throughout his life, he’s learned one lesson: hard work pays off. It’s a lesson many people eventually learn, but none apply to life more than Adam Milstein.

Born in Israel to two emigrant-parents, Adam Milstein was exposed to a lot of hatred toward his people. When he turned 18, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and served during the Yom Kippur War. He was a part of the Ariel Sharon’s army Division.

After completing his mandatory service, he enrolled in the Technion. While attending the Technion, he worked with his father in expanding their real estate construction and development company. He also met, dated, and married Gila Elgrably. After graduating and starting a family, Adam moved his family to the United States. There, he earned a degree from the University of Southern California.

While attending the University, he started his own commercial real estate company. After hearing what some recruiters had to say, he decided he could do better on his own. Within three years, he was a successful commercial real estate sales agent and began investing as well.

Once he established a successful business, Hager Pacific, he dedicated his life to lifting the Jewish people. Along with his wife, he co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation focuses on providing charitable services to a range of organizations that share common goals: strengthening the Jewish people and the State of Israel and improving U.S. – Israel relations.

Adam Milstein quickly became a powerful voice within the Jewish community. He serves as a member of several pro-Israel organizations. Many of the organizations host educational programs and events that target younger generations.

Unfortunately, there are dozens of groups that aim to dismantle the pro-Israel and Jewish movement. Many of the groups, referred to as Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions groups, operate on college campuses. College students are perfect targets for hatred and ignorance to corrupt because they’re young and eager.

Troy McQuagge – The Winner of the One Planet Award

According to the news release on Mr. Troy McQuagge was the golden winner of the prestigious award, One Planet Award. The big One Planet Award global award honoring professional excellence in the industrial sector. Organizations are encouraged to submit nominations including for-profit and non-profit, largest and smallest, public and private, and new start-ups. The One Planet Award conferred in various categories such as teams, executives, services, and new products.

Mr. Troy joined USHEALTH in 2010 and eventually turned everything around in the company. He started first by rebuilding a captive distribution agency known as USHEALTH Advisors. Mr. Troy McQuagge successful with the re-tooling of USHEALTH Advisors. This made him elected the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group. During his tenure with USHEALTH Group, Troy helped USHEALTH Group registered unprecedented profitability, growth, and success in the competitive market of individual health insurance.

About Mr. Troy McQuagge

Mr. Troy McQuagge is the current President and CEO of the USHEALTH Group, which is an insurance holding firm based in Texas. The primary objective of the company is to provide innovative health insurance to small business proprietors and self-employed people. In that case, USHEALTH is using the talents of its agents and employees to come up with profitable and market competitive insurance products.

Under the leadership of Mr. Troy McQuagge, USHEALTH is working hard to provide superior services to its customers in every aspect of the firm’s operation. Mr. Troy McQuagge has more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Before joining USHEALTH Group, Troy was the CEO and President of HMAMG (Health Markets Agency Marketing Group).

During his tenure, HMAMG was able to collect a total revenue of $1 billion.
Mr. Troy McQuagge attended Central Florida University, from where he received his B.A degree. After completing his studies in 1983, Troy started career in the insurance industry with Allstate Insurance Company. He also worked as the President of UICI. In 1997, Mr. Troy McQuagge joined UGA, a company, which he helped to set sales records every year.

Igor Cornelsen And His Incredible Ability To Invest In Brazil

Igor Cornelsen is an investor who has focused on Brazil for many years, and he has a large online following now that the country is growing. There are quite a few people who are searching for a better way to invest in Brazil, and they are using Igor’s advice to make the most money possible. This article explains how the country is best for new investors, and it shows how Igor is helping people make more money in this growing country.


#1: Who Needs His Advice?


There is quite a lot of advice that is offered through Igor’s writing, and he knows that someone who is studying his career will notice that he has as much information as possible before he makes his choices. There are quite a few people who wish to use the information that Igor collects, and his writing explains how he finds information. He talks to people who live in the area, and he asks them what they would do.


#2: What Does Igor Do With His Money?


Igor knows all the information on currency laws and statutes that pertain to him in Brazil. He would not ask anyone to invest in the country if they did not know how to manage their money, and he asks that all people who invest in this country are spending their money in a way that is helpful to all. He wants all his readers to know the precise amount of money they would spend on taxes, fees and currency transaction fees.


#3: He Knows The Investment Industry


Igor has had many victories in the industry, and he knows how simple it is to learn something new for his investment profits. He wants to have an idea of what the industry is doing, and he believes that it is easy to plan for the future when someone studies the markets.


Igor Cornelsen is an investor with quite a lot of incentive to manage his money properly. He wants to set a good example for all his readers, and he hopes that they will follow his lead when making investments in Brazil.

Fighting for the First Amendment with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

People fighting the oppression of immigrants in the United States know the face of Joe Arpaio. He is a sheriff from Maricopa County in Arizona where he is known for encouraging the plight of immigrants. Among the oppressions that he has been accused of include encouraging rape, turning a blind eye on child molestation and abuse of immigrants. He even speaks on national TV where he openly opposes immigration reforms in the country.

Some few years back, he was involved in an altercation with prominent journalists within the state where he ordered their arrest for writing about him.

The victims were Jim and Michael. Michael Macey is the founder and chief executive officer of an institution called Phoenix New Times. On the other hand, Jim Larkin is known as the founder of an institution called Village Voice Media.

After their release, the two decided to go after the sheriff in a court of law. The case has been in court for over 10 years as it was filed on 18th October 2007. After listening to all sides, a grand jury decided to award the two $3.75 as settlement money.

The two had been detained without a warrant from their homes. They had been accused of revealing grand jury proceedings involving the sheriff. Some of their readers who had accessed the material were also detained. The sheriff demanded that the two journalists identify the citizens who had accessed their newsfeed.

The two decided that they will dedicate the money to the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This is an organization that supports civil actions, freedom of expression and migrants rights in the state of Arizona. The case was ruled by the United States Court of Appeal for the ninth circuit. The court also ruled that the sheriff had violated the first amendment.

Another non-governmental organization specializing in activities like those of Lacey and Larkin Frontera is the Amnesty International. According to its website, Amnesty International has a follower base of close to seven million people. The website of this organization says that their main aim is to conduct research that will play a part in ending human rights abuse. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Also, Lacey and Larkin focus on seeking justice for the people who feel that they have been oppressed. Its existence is credited to a lawyer called Peter Benenson following the publication of an article called the Forgotten Prisoners. Its roots date back in the year 1962.

Due to their commitment to ending human torture and standing for people’s rights, the organization has won the Nobel Peace Prize on numerous occasions. They won the prize in the year 1977 and 1978. Their headquarters are found in London, United Kingdom. To ensure that they are not a puppet of any government, the organization does not receive donations from institutions affiliated to any government.

Most of their donations come from their members and associated fees. Among its greatest funders are the Rockerfeller Foundation, the European Commission, United Kingdom Department for International Development as well as the United States State Development.

City Administrations in Many Brazilian Municipalities Embrace E-Governe Systems to Speed up Service Delivery

For quite sometimes now, many Brazilian cities have experienced delays in the delivery of essential services due to the manual systems they were using. However, presently, congestions and long queues that people have been forced to contend with will be a thing of the past because all municipal administrations are installing the e- governe system to speed up the delivery of services. One important city is Teresina where server managers and ICT experts of several departments of the municipality will take part in workshops and training to help them quickly implement the e-governe system tools.



Prodater Miguel Oliveira, the Principal of Teresinense Data Processing Company, said that crucial meeting with representatives from key governmental departments would be scheduled to discuss how service providers can be accelerated and optimized. Some of the arms of governments to take part in the training are the Department of City Education, the Municipal Finance Department and the Department of Health Services. In a pilot project run by the ICI or Instituto Curitiba de Informática which is the body responsible for implementing the e-governe system, the first step is targeted at efficient management of human resources. It proves to be meeting the objective of the municipality; the system will be expanded to accelerate service delivery to the general public.



One area in which the e-governe system will bring desired changes in in the management of health services. The e-government health help system will restore efficiency in the health sector. The public administration has faced several challenges and difficulty in providing adequate and quality health care. But with the implementation of the technological tools, the health sector will be revamped because the accelerated process will make operation simpler and economical. The strategy to be adopted will integrate all aspects of the area of health and healthcare units with an ehealth system that will contain bio data of the patients, medical records, diagnostic information, and the course of treatment.



The IT system will make it easy for the clinicians and other health professionals to schedule their appointments with patients in advance, and to organize their work routine so that there will be no delays. The people will also receive attention promptly because long service queues will be eliminated. The e- governe saude will also control the stockpiling and distribution of drugs from the manufacturers and pharmacies so that shortages will be eradicated. It will also facilitate the process of examining patients and the scheduling of specialized consultations with the physicians. Essential elements of preventative medicine such as vaccination will now be done in real time.



The management of ambulance services will now be streamlined and controlled to ensure that all needy patients are brought to the hospitals quickly. Many aspects of health management such as bed control in hospitals and determining the number of patient/doctor ratio will be made efficient. In the health sector, the government has already made significant improvements in all aspects of managing the efficient provision of quality healthcare. The administrative and financial functions of the health department are now smoothly run.


Goettl Thrives From New Management

To build a successful business management is key. No business is going to be able to thrive if there is not a manager in place to provide a blueprint for the success of the workers. Ken Goodrich is the person that would be a catalyst for change at Goettl Air Conditioning.

This is a company in Arizona that reached a peak very fast, but profits would take a nosedive as the workers became overwhelmed by the amount of business that they were getting. There was also a lot of competition that came about in the Arizona area, and this business suffered from a loss in profit and a loss of workers as moral begin to suffer for this business structure.

Fortunately, Goettl became the company that was moving on an upswing when Ken Goodrich came in place. This company had been around since 1939, and it was one of the most promising HVAC companies and the Arizona area. The growth was tremendous and it was a business that was providing a very good customer experience.

It is not difficult to get into the air conditioning business in Arizona because there is such a high demand for it in a place such as this. The heat is something that constantly requires people to get their air conditioner serviced. It is actually something of an emergency when the air conditioners go out in this area so it is definitely possible for a company like Goettl to become a major player in the air conditioning industry, but there have been issues down through the years that have led to problems inside of this company.

Goettl will be the person that will come to the rescue for the employees and the customers that they service. He knew that making customers happy was job one.


Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto: Getting Top Quality Business Advice

If you need legal representation or quality advice in Brazil, get in touch with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho right away. Ricardo Tosto is an experienced Brazilian lawyer and has a reputation for delivering outstanding results.Whenever you encounter a legal issues, whether in business or in your personal life, you will need to enlist the services of a trusted and experienced attorney like Ricardo Tosto.A a business litigation expert, Ricardo Tosto addresses legal matters related to commercial, corporate and business issues, including situations related to contracts, limited to partnerships, shareholder issues, and fiduciary duties.

Ricardo Tosto can help draft contracts and review important legal documents as well.One of the criteria that distinguishes good attorneys from inefficient ones is writing skills. Attorneys have to outline their case and how their argument. Every case involves laying out your supporting evidence, and attorneys often have many cases to handle. It is essential for an attorney to have ability to convey ideas quickly so that their argument can be quickly understood.Businesses and entrepreneurs turn to Ricardo Tosto for quality legal assistance.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has concentrated in business law and corporate law for establishments and individuals and multinational companies for more than 22 years.Ricardo Tosto combines the most sophisticated legal systems and planning techniques to deliver outstanding results. Ricardo Tosto has the ability to render practical legal solutions to businesses and individual clients. Ricardo Tosto possesses great legal expertise and also strives to build strong relationship with his clients.

Ricardo Tosto is passionate about meeting his clients’ needs while utilizing cost-effective legal strategies.From his office in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto provides powerful legal representation to numerous clients throughout the nation. With years of experience in the field, Ricardo Tosto has the skills and expertise to help corporations, multinational organizations and individual clients address a wide array of legal situations, including those involving corporate restructuring, business disputes, business entity formation and litigation.When presenting a case in court, Ricardo Tosto has the ability to simplify complicated legal issues in a way that the layman can understand.


An Examination of Jim Tananbaum and His Leadership at Foresight Capital

If there is one thing Jim Tananbaum understands it would be the field of healthcare startups. One thing the novice doesn’t realize about healthcare innovation is that it not only takes an unbelievable amount of capital but it also takes an incredible amount of perseverance and patience. Even in Jim’s role as the founder and CEO of Foresight Capital he realizes this because Foresight is a healthcare-driven private equity firm.

Tananbaum recently sat down for an interview with Ideamensch ( and discussed some areas that have become a driving force for him in his life. The first question posed to him was just how the genesis of Foresight came about. He said he founded the company primarily because of his 25 years of being a healthcare entrepreneur and investment strategist. He also was looking for ways to give healthcare a much brighter future. Visit his page to know more.

For Tananbaum, priorities are important. That is why his day is spent in numerous conferences and doing an immense amount of networking. He spends a large amount of his day going over client portfolios and devising company presentations with healthcare leaders as well. Of course, Jim Tananbaum also seeks to prioritize, so he has a goal to spend dinner with his family each evening as well.

Jim Tananbaum is always seeking to bring ideas to life, and for him that involves not only capital but bringing in the best and brightest. As an entrepreneur, he realizes it is important to take advantage of opportunities as they come along. Jim Tananbaum said that one of the major mistakes he made during his earlier days was to refrain from investing in some companies with some great potential. He now realizes the error in his ways and believes that it is only determination and “staying hungry” that will keep the American entrepreneurial spirit alive.

As the President and CEO of Foresight Capital, there are many projects which Mr. Tananbaum is a part of. One of the most recent ones in which he is particularly proud of would be Intarcia, a twice-a-year implant that helps patients control their weight and diabetes symptoms. It is this type of innovation that truly makes Jim Tananbaum someone to watch.