Celebrities Are Taking A Liking To Don Ressler’s Fashion Company, Fabletics

Actor Oliver Hudson has taking a keen interest in helping a company, FL2 market its sportswear to men. FL2 is short for Fabletics 2, a sister company of its women’s sportswear company Fabletics. Both are part of the main company, JustFab on Bloomberg, started back in 2010. Oliver Hudson’s sister Kate has already come aboard to help bring attention to Fabletics, and with Hudson now helping advise FL2, the company looks to gain footing in a highly competitive men’s athletics market. What’s made the Hudsons interested in this move is how Co-founder and Co-CEO Don Ressler has run this company. He and his partner Adam Goldenberg, have wanted to change online shopping by using a social media-based engine for JustFab, and an affordable subscription model that has made this brand stylish but cheap to buy from.

Don Ressler started up several companies over the course of his career. Fabletics wasn’t the first company he would start in the athletic world. He founded FitnessHeaven.com, a company that sells home exercise equipment and provides information on staying in shape. That company was targeted by Intermix Media, a digital media agency who was buying out a lot of companies back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Ressler came to work for Intermix Media where he met Adam Goldenberg, the company’s chief operating officer who had been hired straight out of high school. Ressler and Goldenberg became a dynamic duo instantly, and they started a subsidiary company at Intermix Media called Alena Media.

Don Ressler and Goldenberg decided to part ways with Intermix Media after it was bought out by News Corp, as News Corp decided to discontinue supporting Alena Media. So the two started up their own hub of small businesses, most of which were under the roof of Intelligent Beauty and comprised of health and beauty products. About 5 years into this new venture, JustFab was born when both Ressler and Goldenberg decided to try out the women’s fashion market on perezhilton.com. This was not something they knew much about, but they both had quite a marketing resume, and they knew if they could keep things simple and fun while on the job, they had a chance to succeed. So Ressler and Goldenberg started hosting functions, and sharing their ideas about how this new company would be run. They gained support from supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons, Matrix Partners Josh Hanna, and more recently an influx of funds from Rho Ventures.

Learn more about Don Ressler: http://www.matrixpartners.com/entrepreneur-stories/adam_goldenberg/

Of Beliefs And Understanding

Many people believe in different things. However, not so many people understand what they believe in. Many religions and belief systems are filled with people that do not understand what they believe in. A lot of the times, it is because they don’t care all that much to understand what is being taught to them. They instead are trying to push an agenda of their own. This is true of all types of beliefs which include the Kabbalah. Some belief systems understand the tendency of people to twist the belief system. As a result, they protect the texts of the belief system.


The Kabbalah Centre was formed from the history of kabbalistic teachings when Rabbis thought that the teachings were too complex to be understood. Therefore, they have decided to protect it and reserve it only for people to who have been trained to understand it. As a matter of fact, only devout students that were older than 40 were allowed to be taught it. The Kabbalah Centre opens it up to people that are somewhat younger than 40. As a result, there are some traditionalists that do not agree with the Kabbalah Centre.


Interestingly enough, The Kabbalah Centre has a lot of advice on how to understand the texts of different belief systems. For instance, it has a lot to say on what to think about the Bible. The Bible is said to have codes to life and unseen laws of the universe which are to be unraveled to the dedicated students.


One thing that could be said about religion and faith is that it is important to have a healthy understanding of what is written. People who have tried to live out a religion without the proper understanding of it have often found themselves going to dangerous extremes.


Get touch https://twitter.com/kabbalahcentre for Kabbalah In Social Media.

Tarallucci e Vino: Good Food, Good Wine and Good Times

Tarallucci e Vino is an event space that is located in Union Square in New York City. It was designed for people to plan events at and is somewhere that has had many different upscale clients. The location is idyllic (see map at bottom) and is intended only for people who want to have the perfect event space. It is a location that caters to people who want good food, good wine and a good time all while feeling like they don’t have to lift a finger to get the part of their dreams right in their own New York City.

The food that is at Tarallucci e Vino is Italian-inspired. No big bowls of salad or crunchy bread sticks here! The chefs work to prepare cuisine that has a history in Italian with a strong suit in modern-day cuisine. It is a perfect type of food that is able to suit the needs of anybody and is perfect for anyone who wants to be able to have food that will suit any type of occasion. There are many different options on the menus that the chefs have taken the time to prepare depending on what is in season and what is great for people who are at the event location.

The chefs have also worked to create a system that allows planners to customize their menu on every level. They can choose the food choices from the appetizers to the drinks and everything in between. There are many options that the chefs have and they are able to suit the many culinary needs that come to the event location. It is a great place for people who want to have a good time but who also want to be able to have a strong hold on all of the details of their food for their event.

The good wine comes directly from the cellar at Tarallucci e Vino. This is something that not many event locations in New York can claim and is relatively unique to this location. It is an excellent options for people who want to have the wine preselected from the different offerings as well as those who want to be able to cater to guests who simply want something different than what is already being served. The wine cellar is a unique and endearing feature of the Tarallucci e Vino that is in Union Square.

When it comes to most events, it is all about the atmosphere of the party. Without a good atmosphere, even the most well-planned party will fail at what they are doing. The events that are held at Tarallucci e Vino are made for people who truly want to enjoy the atmosphere that the city has to offer all of the people who attend the events. The atmosphere, while it is ideal for any type of event, is more relaxing than many of the other event locations in New York City and provides people an Italian farmhouse feel while still managing to give off an air of sophistication.

White Shark Media Advertising in the New Age

White Shark Media® founded in 2011 represents the new age, social media and Internet dominated advertising agency. Their targeted audience is businesses in Latin America and in the United States of America that want to increase their customer base and add to their bottom line. Being located in Miami, White Shark Media is able to work effectively with both cultures,
It is not your father’s advertising agency, but the job being done by this new form of advertising agency is more responsive in connecting customers with specific needs to businesses that can deliver those needs to the customer.
The Internet has changed everything especially advertising, which went from a print, television and radio dominated media to the SEO, SEM, PPC oriented form of advertising in the electronic world of today. If you have trouble understanding the acronyms (most normal people do) and need help, you only have to examine the White Shark Media’s website. The website is an informative, educational site with a dictionary of terms. The CEO, Gary Garth, understands that businesses are usually owned and run by middle-aged intelligent individuals, who are not as social-media savvy as their children. But here on the website help is available and the WSM website can help anyone, above the age of 30, to understand how SEO works. They even offer a free 189 page book, an eBook for the education of their customers.
If you still have trouble fathoming this new type of advertising let’s go back a decade or more, when people relied on the business section (Yellow Pages) of their phone directories. Back then businesses would buy as large an add as they could afford to promote their business. Big was best. A half page ad was better than a quarter page ad. A business could exist solely by relying on a Yellow Page ad. Now many people are doing without their land lines in favor of the constant communication companion, the cell phone. Times do change. Now WSM offers an electronic path to success and it is the correct short-cut path to success. In the old days to find a business for a person’s need, you only had to look into the yellow pages and make a few calls after reading the scant copy on the Yellow Page ad. Now you type a product name or service and you are on your way to being connected. Type what you want into the URL on your computer and you find what you want, and it often is connected to an all-encompassing web page with pictures or videos of the product or service requested.

How to Pick an Ideal Online Reputation Management Tool

Online reputation management is, therefore, a valuable tool for tracking and swaying the perception or experience that consumers have concerning a particular product. Business owners should examine the nature of comments about their businesses on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Ability to address the concerns of both existing and potential clients can be a great advantage for any business. Efficient social media monitoring enables firms to listen keenly and analyze customer conversations, attain a clear understanding of how to connect with target audience effectively and make wise business decisions.
The fundamentals of online reputation monitoring

Online Reputation Reviews monitoring entails thoroughly searching across social media and online channels for conversations that reveal sensitive information concerning the brand and eventually analyzing that data to understand the opinion the clients have about the brand.  In the end, the process of reputation monitoring can help the companies to come up with unique strategies for building their clients’ trust.

Why is ORM important to companies?

Nowadays, shoppers tend to conduct intensive research before buying a product or seeking services from a company. They may conduct online surveys or seek opinions from people who have purchased the particular product in the past. Therefore, excellent reviews can boost trust, but negative comments or reviews damages the reputation of the brand. An ideal online reputation management tool enables businesses to engage directly with clients and thrives from the response collected.

Apart from social media and online monitoring, firms should focus on the type of representation they are getting from the broadcast and print media. Quality ORM tools should merge both traditional media and online monitoring. That way, it will be easier to monitor how a particular brand is perceived at an individual client level and in the press. Since the information moves very fast, each company should adopt a swift reputation management program. Availability of real-time monitoring tools such as notifications and alerts can assist companies to identify topics drawing strong sentiment.


Affordable Home Ownership: Southern Dallas Edition.

NexBank SSB recently announced its partnership with a nonprofit mortgage servicing provider in Dallas Texas, Dallas Neighborhood Homes working with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. The move aims to provide at least a hundred loans yearly for the next five years and targets low-income earners in Southern Dallas.

NexBank is offering $50 million in loans to facilitate the growth of the program over the next half decade. Dallas Neighborhood Homes will then use the amount to cater for low-income homebuyers who have little access to mortgages. They will also provide financial advice through the counseling services given by Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. Besides the mortgage-lending capital, NexBank will also settle all title fees for closings under the program and an additional $2000 in closing costs for each loan.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

According to Mark Tribuna, a mortgage operations official at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, the ownership rates in North Texas are among the lowest in America and this low-cost loan program is a step in the right direction in raising the number of home owners in the area. This increases the quality of lives for the homeowners as well as the prospects of a better future for their children.

NexBank Capital, Inc. CEO and Executive Vice President Matt Siekielski expressed his firm’s pride in working with both organizations to help  families get affordable homes in North Texas. The Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that builds more than 50 homes annually. It has built more than 1600 homes in over 24 areas of Dallas over the last three decades. The organization established a mortgage banker, the Dallas Neighborhood Homes so as to make loans affordable.

NexBank SSB is based in Dallas Texas and boasts of a charter that dates back to 1922 with assets of over $3 billion.

Should You Try Wen Conditioner?

If you’ve been looking for a new shampoo or conditioner, you’ve probably heard of Wen by Chaz. The products are often advertised on YouTube, and several famous women have endorsed the Wen brand. The company prides itself on using plant extracts and essential oils to nourish and condition the hair.

Want to know if Wen is right for you? Emily McClure from Bustle tried Wen’s Fig conditioner for a full week, and here’s what she thought.

Initially, Emily noticed that she had to use twice as much Wen conditioner as her regular conditioner to cleanse her hair. By the fourth day, her hair was still too oily to hold a curl for very long, even though she didn’t have time to wash her hair that day.

Near the end of the week, Emily went out with a few friends and they commented on how healthy her hair looked. McClure says that she would like use Wen again, and says the conditioner is great for women who wash their hair daily and women with thin hair. Need Wen? Get yours today, visit Amazon.com or the WENsite: http://www.wenhaircare.com/


Fabletics by Kate Hudson: The Past, Present, and Reasons Why It Will Change the Future

Few fashion retailers can boast that they have changed the fashion industry, but Fabletics undoubtedly can. Founded by Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson, this fashion retailer is most known for its athleisure wear clothing. Though there was once a time when this specific attire was strictly meant for the gym, Hudson and Goldenberg made a few alterations that have resulted in their brand being worn in the office, out on the town, on the beach, and surely the gym if a woman chooses.

The Success Behind Fabletics and Any Lingering Goals

Despite having sold over ten million products in only a few years time and achieving fifty percent of brand recognition, Fabletics has plans to open over a dozen stores before 2017.

Read more:
Fabletics aims to stretch its online reach with more stores

Fabletics – YouTube

Delving Deeper: Why Do Women Love This Brand?

Who does not love to be comfortable? Very few women would admit to their love of restrictive suits and dresses, which highlights why Fabletics is so popular among the majority. Not only do the clothes provide the freedom of movement but they are trendy and fashionable for the majority of circumstances on thekrazycouponlady.com. In fact, the only time it would be considered inappropriate to wear Fabletics would be on your wedding day, and even that is questionable.

In addition to the level of comfort, attractiveness, and quality of the clothing, this brand promotes the confidence of women. Even those with the perfect figure, like Kate Hudson, look undesirable in incredibly tight clothing not really intended for their size. Most department stores sell clothing that does not truly fit anyone and experts will recommend the need to have a personal tailor. Fabletics, though, is equipped with such diversity in terms of size and style, something that allows them to please all types of females.

Marching On: Will Fabletics Always Remain Relevant?

In less than three years, the company has obtained and retained over one million subscribers. The numbers continue to grow by the day, which can be attributed to the awareness of the brand surfacing. Once women understand that Fabletics is a means to improve the confidence of the female demographic, the retailer becomes more apparent and is able to further change the fashion industry.

Learn more about Fabletics: https://www.facebook.com/Fabletics/

Innovative and leading, Seattle Genetics and CEO Dr. Craig Siegall

Doctor Clay Siegall has been working to advance the biotechnology field and cancer research since 1988. His background in the fields include working for the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health from 1988 to 1991 as well as working for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute 1991 to 1997. Since then he has remained Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this prominent and progressive company.

Seattle Genetics (SGEN) Clay B. Siegall on Q2 2016 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

A very large part of Dr. Siegall forming Seattle Genetics was his passion for the growing field of monoclonal antibodies in 1997, he chose to pursue the field and start his own company. He did this instead of going back to the east coast when Bristol-Meyers Squibb when they closed their lab in Seattle in 1997.

During his time leading Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall has helped with capital-raising activities with both public and private financings, totaling more than $675 million which did include the company’s initial public offerings in 2001. One of the main driving forces for the capital is Seattle Genetics’ first commercial product, ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin). Revolutionary and innovative, ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin) is an Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) that targets the antigens specific to cancers, Hodgkin lymphoma in particular.

Encouraged by strong clinical trials and highly positive results, ADCETRIS® (brentuximab vedotin) has been approved in 47 countries for use against cancer. This ADC and several others developed by Seattle Genetics are improving the overall health of patients by targeting the cancer specific antigens for cancer growth and reproduction, instead of targeting the whole area the cancer is in, healthy cells included. As a result, people are having fewer relapses and better recovery times with these new technologies.

With his passion and personable nature, Dr. Siegall works for his heart and the people he knows he, and his company, can help. Their creativity and drive consistently push the envelope of the ADC pharmaceutical industry in all the right ways.



Securus Secures Calls For Inmates And Their Families

In a recent PRN News article online Securus was voted number one for their monitoring and surveillance of inmate calls. They strive hard to maintain a level of customer service satisfaction that will meet the mandates of the federal government and serve the needs of inmates and their families. You won’t be disappointed with they way they ensure that you get the time that you were allotted with each call. Securus works closely with the Public Utility Commission to ensure all safety demands that are related to the public are met. They are the solution to the industries need for monitoring and quality assurance. 

Two Companies Regulated By Securus

IC Solutions

They have several features that have quickly become popular with inmates and their families. In fact, they have innovative calling features that allow family members to leave a message for inmates through a voicemail messaging system. When the inmate has access to their phone privileges they can retrieve their messages. It is a wonderful feature if you need an inmate to call you at a certain time.

Global Tel-Link

Global Tel-Link is a great way for inmates to talk to their love ones for a fraction of the cost of their competitors.  They have proudly processed over 3 billion inmates calls assisting thousands of inmates and their families. You can also get a prepaid account through Global Tel-Link called the Advanced Pay Program and Securus is proud to announce that this program is recommended for inmates and their families when they are interested in saving time and money. Visit the official Global Tel,-Link website for more details today.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.