A chat with the GreenSky Credit CEO David Zalik

GreenSky Credit is a privately owned financial technology company. It was established in the year 2006. It’s located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company offers technical services to merchants and banks such as the preparation of loans to consumers. The consumers use the credit for home improvement, healthcare, solar installation among other purposes. In an interview, the CEO of GreenSky Credit, David Zalik, confirmed that financial programs for the company are provided by state-chartered and federally-insured financial organizations. So far the company has been successful. For the last four years, it has managed to transact over billions. Since its debut into the market, GreenSky Credit has had a promising breakthrough. However, it’s not well-known as compared to other so-called financial-tech markets like lending corporate or social finance corporate. This is because GreenSky Credit doesn’t make loans from its capital.

David Zalik reported that back in 2016, they were able to partner with several banks. Some include SunTrust Bank and Regions Financial corporate. These banks gave loans using GreenSky Credit mobile app to all their esteemed customers. The consumers ranged from merchants to retailers, like the home depot. Moreover, some individual contractors registered with the company.

David Zalik said the corporate signs up merchants that sell items like furniture and other home improvement items. These includes aluminum siding, roofing and window replacement items. The CEO of the Company reported that they are aiming to expand and be able to cover medical personnel like doctors, nurses and vet professionals.

Essentially, the firm uses credit cards for a broader and more focused surveillance spending on all customers spending and investments. This offer is given under fixed terms that effect on a set period and also fixed-interest-rate payback. David Zalik said that the company would review an idea that they had of putting up a call centre in Kentucky. Currently, the company has done around $8 billion, and now they are targeting a trillion dollars. Since GreenSky Credit was founded, it has earned the trust of many consumers. It’s always their goal to leave all consumers satisfied. This is how to have been making profits consistently at the end of each financial year.


Perry Mandera’s Humanistic Ethics Leads to Success

A previous United States Marine turned into a successful businessman, Perry Mandera combined his powerful personal ethics with his passions to create The Custom Companies Inc. Mandera doesn’t just focus on his company; he also served the people through politics and his charitable organization, Custom Cares Charities.

Perry Mandera has emphasized that he strived to build his companies to serve people. The Custom Companies Inc. serves thousands of customers and has annual sales that exceed 20 million dollars. His hard work has paid off and in 2000 Perry Mandera was named one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” ( https://www.slideshare.net/perrymandera).

Why does he value serving people? Perry Mandera claims that being a United States Marine built up a sense of camaraderie and put him in tune with his emotions. This paired with learning experience from his youth provided him with some of the expertise he has today. His wanting to help people is why The Custom Companies Inc. has services available 24/7, and clients don’t have to engage in confusing contracts. It also is why he gives so much back to people, especially in Chicago area.

When Perry Mandera returned to Chicago after serving in the armed forces, he worked for several different transportation companies. He also owned his own business and served as a committeeman for the Republican Party in Chicago for four years (being the youngest person to be a committeeman). Perry Mandera also has given back to so many individuals and families through the years. He has said he has a soft spot for children, and that he tries to help them have better tomorrows, financially. Perry Mandera’s efforts shine through, as he has donated thousands of winter coats to children, as well as sponsors over 100 youth sports teams and charity organizations.

As someone who thoroughly believes our experiences shape who we are, Perry Mandera strives to help make everyone’s experience as beneficial as possible. His own charitable organization, Custom Cares Charities shows his dedication to others, as well as the true extent of his success.

Southridge Capital: Offering Financial Solutions for Customers

Millions of people struggle with financial issues in the United States. Few people are investing for the future, and most people have high levels of consumer debt. Although the economy is expanding, few people are increasing their income. Most of the economic growth is concentrated in a few industries.


Southridge Capital is a financial solutions company located in Connecticut. The company offers various financial services for people who need them. Over the past few years, the company has enjoyed a high rate of growth. Most people come to Southridge Capital looking for help related to consumer debt. With the rising cost of college, many people graduate with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. For more details you can visit ideamensch.com



Debt Services



One of the best ways to reduce debt is to get in touch with the lender. Some lenders are willing to settle with the borrower. Settling with a debt company can help people save thousands of dollars. Southridge Capital helps clients with this process. The people who work at Southridge Capital have years of experience in the financial industry, and they understand how to communicate with debt companies.


Anyone who is genuinely in debt should consider working with Southridge Capital. The company has a solution for anyone who is willing to plan for the future.



Investment Advice



Southridge Capital also offers investment advice to clients. Investing is essential for people who want to increase their income dramatically. Some people struggle to invest because they have a job that pays low wages. With all of the opportunities in the economy today, it is a perfect time to work a second job. Some people start a business on the side related to a hobby they enjoy. Southridge Capital recommends that clients increase their income to pay down debt and invest. Thousands of people have improved their financial position after working with Southridge Capital.

You can checkout southridge.com to see more.


Reference: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/southridge-capital-enters-into-a-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-elite-data-services-inc-300118746.html

The Great Inventions of Jason Hope

Being a great futurist and philanthropist, Jason Hope has shined the light to many people across the United States, through which he has been applauded. He has gained a lot of fame due to his noticeable inventions and predictions concerning the Future of technology. He recently contributed his thoughts and money to address the issue of aging in humans and he believes that the upcoming project will be in the aid of people, to reduce fast aging, especially at old age. Through the vast number of research that Jason has conducted, he believes that aging comes with a vast number of complications and undesirable issues that can even lead to early death if not well addressed.

Aging is also accompanied by a vast number of diseases, with most of them being arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure among other serious chronic diseases. The renowned futurist and philanthropist look forward to helping people live longer lives through his inventions on ways to reduce fast aging. His approaches towards aging have impressed many people, despite giving hope to many individuals that are already experiencing the effect of aging. In his assumptions, Jason believes that aging can be slowed down through incorporating remedies that hinder the aging process.

He is a strong believer in teamwork and is dedicated to working together with SENS Foundation, a firm that relies on the use of biotechnological approaches to slow down aging in humans. The firm has over the recent years engaged in studying the behavior of living organisms as well as employing and studying organic systems to effectively control the process of aging. Additionally, SENS Foundation encourages people to follow the right methods and avoid the use of chemicals when it comes to agricultural methods. Together, they insist that healthy food production is key to a healthy life and slow aging.

SENS Foundation, which was launched in 2009 has since the beginning strived to incorporate methods and derive remedies through which people can live longer through maintaining healthy lifestyles. Through their SENS approach, they look forward towards repairing the human cells and other tissues of the body to prevent people from aging faster.

Jason Hope is impressed with the idea of age prolongation and being a committed philanthropist, he contributed over $500000 to help the firm work on its project of preventing artery cells bonding so as to prevent the high cases of high blood pressure in humans.

Jason Hope’s info: gust.com/companies/jason-hope

Vijay Eswaran: How a Positive Attitude Leads to Success

Vijay Eswaran is a prominent business leader who has had a successful career. When he started as a business owner, he encountered a lot of challenges. His first business ideas failed miserably. However, he was able to develop a coaching business helping other people with their life plans.

Vijay Eswaran is a motivational speaker who enjoys helping people reach their goals. Over the past few years, he has worked hard to help people take their career to a new level. Most people can drastically improve their levels of success by changing a few essential habits.

Investing in Yourself

Vijay Eswaran believes that the best investment anyone can make is in themselves. A lot of people struggle to educate themselves after they leave schools. Vijay Eswaran tells people to read new books on various subjects continuously. Reading books is one of the best ways to learn new content. Another way for people to get exposed to new information is by listening to podcasts. Podcasts are a proven way for people to get further information on various subjects. Vijay Eswaran listens to motivational podcasts in many areas that he is interested in.


Another important aspect of living a successful life is investing in health. Few people take care of themselves as they should. Instead, a lot of people eat a diet that is full of processed food. Eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly are two proven ways for people to take their lives to a new level.

Future Plans for Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is continuously planning ways to improve his life and career. He is the type of person who will do whatever it takes to achieve success. Many people enjoy listening to his life story. Despite encountering issues early in his career, he is now managing a successful business.

David Giertz: Financial Tips

David Giertz is one of the most prominent investing professionals in the United States. During his career, he has helped people succeed in various ways. He truly believes that anyone can build wealth and invest for the future. Many people enjoy listening to his financial advice because he makes complicated subjects simple. Anyone who has ever worked with David Giertz understands that he genuinely cares about his clients.

Helping Others

David started working in the financial planning industry many years ago. He worked hard and built a successful practice over the years. During his time, he also volunteered at local organizations to help the community. He is the type of person who always wants to help the people around him.

Financial Planning Tips

David has numerous financial planning tips. For the average person, developing a financial plan is a massive improvement over where they are today. Anyone who has ever tried to invest for the future knows how complicated the process can be. Many people enjoy working with David Giertz and his team because he focuses on a few areas to change.

Paying down debt is a simple way for people to have more freedom in their daily life. Many people feel constrained by the amount of debt they have. Making monthly payments on debt is never a fun process.


Anyone who wants to retire at an early age must invest a substantial portion of their income. Many people enjoy listening to investing advice from David. He recommends that his clients simply invest in an index fund that follows the performance of the overall market. Unlike most financial planners, he does not try to sell complex investing solutions to simple problems. In the coming years, he plans to expand his client base even more.

Find out more about David Giertz: https://www.slideshare.net/DavidGiertz2/david-giertz-long-form-biography

Vaping Is Becoming Even More Popular Thanks To Companies Like O2pur

eCigs are quickly becoming part of the norm for smokers out there since it is widely accessible and offers a lot of unique aspects over the traditional form of smoking that people have been used to for many decades. eCigs are very different from normal cigarettes other than the fact that you smoke from them. That said, instead of lighting and burning a cigarette, eCigs are typically just a battery and some e-liquid at the most basic level. O2pur provides everything needed for new vapers to get started with their very own starter kits. These kits do not offer a great deal of variety when it comes to flavors and such, but they do make it easy to get started, which is the toughest hurdle for new smokers.

Unlike the normal cigarette, eCigs are not immediately disposable and they can be used for much longer periods of time. The biggest benefit to this is that it saves quite a bit of money, especially for heavy smokers. E-liquid’s are quite cheap to purchase, as are the basic batteries to smoke them with. Thankfully, there are companies such as O2pur that provide vaping products at a very reasonable cost, allowing virtually anyone to get started, especially if they already have an expense smoking normal cigarettes.

The world of vaping is quite large and there are many things that can be done once more experience is gained. Mods, for example, add a whole new level of depth to vaping, with various different things that can be accomplished. That being said, mods and unique parts can get quite expensive, so it is surely only for veterans to try out and experiment with.

One of the most significant changes when it comes to smoking eCigs is the flavor change. Traditional cigarettes do not have that great a variety when it comes to flavors. eCigs on the other hand literally has an endless supply of different flavors. O2pur sells tons of different flavors for new and old smokers to use for their vaping, from traditional tobacco to crazy candy flavors.

Nick Vertucci – Real Estate Investor and Educator

Nick Vertucci is the Founder and CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). Nick Vertucci’s real estate academy is one the the most sort after real estate educating facility. Vertucci has locations throughout the nation, but his main bases are California and Nevada. He focuses not only on the how to’s of real estate, but also on financial freedom. He uses the same strategic plan that has proved to work for him; and shares it with others. He also uses his academy as an outlet to advise and inform investors.

Nick Vertucci’s entrepreneurial spirit began early. At the tender age of 18 he started his own computer sales business. But his business came to a complete stop during the “dot.com” crash in early 2000. On the brink of losing his home and in financial despair; he took a chance and enrolled into a real estate academy. He learned fast and bounced back financially even faster. Once he bounced back, he thought of giving back. Vertucci decided to open his own academy and share his investment and real estate knowledge with the public.

Nick Vertucci started his company in January 2014 and set a goal to have the best real estate training facility ever. His motto is, “See it, Believe it, Map it, and Execute it. He has lived by this motto for a long time. He believes that this motto is what has carried him through to all of his successes. Nick Vertucci continually expresses this motto throughout the employee culture of his company. He has a strong sense in believing in ones own abilities, despite what others may think or feel. In other words, put blinders on and stay focused ahead to achieve your goals.

Nick Vertucci reminds everyone that it is not easy to become financially free. But with hard work, believing you yourself, and planning; becoming a success will be inevitable. One thing that he continues to remember is his humble beginnings and the loss of his first business. Both changed his life not for the worst, but for the better; because now he plans for contingencies. In his own words, “Nothing lasts forever. Learn to accept change.”

Jason Hope Is Here To Usher The Medical Community Into A New Era

Now that medical technology is moving forward, there are a number of ailments that are easier to treat than ever before. This is especially true when it comes to the issues that are caused by the aging process. Most of us are taught to believe that we should simply expect our bodies to break down as we grow older.

This is a point of view that Jason Hope does not ascribe to. As a wealthy philanthropist, he has decided to put his money where his mouth is and provide a handsome donation to the SENS organization. By providing $500,000 to this organization so that they can continue to perform important research.

There is no reason why human life has to be cut short with all of the medical advances that have taken place. This is something that Jason Hope is happy to mention whenever he speaks publicly. There are even those who believe that these anti-aging efforts could also lead to a significant lengthening of our average life span.

Aging does not have to keep us from reaching our true potential when it comes to our life span. Jason Hope believes that aging is a medical condition just like any other and he is working tirelessly to shift the public consciousness on this matter. In the minds of the doctors who are assisting Jason with this quest, aging should no longer be seen as unavoidable.

By changing the perception surrounding the aging process, the human race can finally avoid the temptation to view aging as something inevitable that cannot be fought. With Hope’s contribution, laboratory programs can now be established. Scientists who are actively working on anti-aging techniques who may not have access to the resources that they need are already rejoicing.

Jason Hope has also spoken openly about his belief that most medical conditions that take place as we age are not actually cured. Conventional methods of care do not always provide and this leaves patients wondering if they have any other recourse available to them.

Thanks to the efforts of Hope and the doctors whose research he has chosen to fund, patients may one day have a natural care for the aging process and the rigors that it presents. The time has come for us to push ourselves to new limits and the human body’s aging capacity is just one of the many boundaries that is going to be tested.

To know more visit @: inspirery.com/jason-hope/

Jeremy Goldstein accomplishments in the law industry

Currently, the citizens of New York have a reason to celebrate when it comes to dealing with legal matters. If you are a resident of New York and urgently need an attorney to solve a criminal matter, write a will, handle a child custody issue, or handle other legal issues, Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) will save your day.

The New York State Bar Association launched the online technology platform to save the needs of the people who are urgently in need of legal advisors.

New York State Bar Association realized people mostly need lawyers during the time of stress. Therefore, they came up with LRIS so that they can easily and conveniently link the people in need of attorneys with the professional legal advisors. The technology matches the clients with attorneys who meet their legal needs. All the legal advisors who are in the system have been credited, and their credentials had gone through a review by New York State Bar Association.

The most prominent lawyer who many clients like being matched with are Jeremy Goldstein. He is an experienced lawyer who deals with cases from both public and the private sector. Jeremy is a founding partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates law firm.

He also serves as one of the managing directors as he performs other various legal duties. Jeremy specializes in handling issues pertaining corporate governors, advising CEOs, management teams, compensation committee, and senior executives. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Medium and Jeremy Goldstein | Twitter

Jeremy Goldstein has vast experience in business advisory services despite being a competent lawyer. Prior to co-founding his law firm, Jeremy served in various law firms in New York.

Jeremy has worked in numerous large corporate transactions in the past few years, such as the acquisition of the Goodrich by the United Technologies; the Dow Chemical company, Miller Brewing Co in South Africa, Duke Progress Energy, Verizon Wireless and much more.

Jeremy often advises and author articles on executive compensation issues as well as cooperate governance.

Jeremy Goldstein is ranked as the top administrative compensation attorney in the Legal 500 as well as the USA Chambers Guide of the Leading American Lawyers. Jeremy gives back to the community through supporting this group that aid in the recovery of the mental illness people.

Jeremy Goldstein is also a member of the Professional Advisory Board. Just like any other professional lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has an excellent educational background.

He holds a JD, after studying at New York School of Law. Jeremy also pursued MBA from Chicago University.