George Soros’ Support to Minority Groups

George Soros is one of the world’s most recognized philanthropists. He is ranked by the Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s richest people. In 1979, Soros created the Open Society Foundation, which is an organization that has been striving to better the lives of individuals who are oppressed by their communities. Since inception, he has given more than $12 billion dollars to facilitate the foundation’s activities. The billionaire believes in accountability, justice, and transparency in governments. The Open Societies Foundations supports different organizations that fight for civil and human rights. It has been advocating for the rights of the Roma people since they are regarded as a minority group in Europe. The foundation has also donated money to protect individuals who are unwanted in the society such as gays, sex workers, and drug addicts. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Soros has accumulated most of his wealth from currency speculations and the hedge fund industry. He owns Soros Fund Management, which is a New York-based hedge fund company. The firm was created in 1970 and is regarded as the one of the most successful in the United States. Soros has assisted many ignored communities to have better lives. He has offered scholarships to empower young people through education. The Open Society Foundation currently works with a couple of partners and institutions that are based in more than 100 nations. Its first beneficiaries were black South Africans who were sponsored to attend Universities abroad since the apartheid rule did not allow them to enroll in higher learning institutions.

The liberal billionaire believes that governments should be just to their citizens. He was among the major forces behind the Ferguson protest. George Soros offered millions of dollar to various civil and human rights activists to mobilize people to participate in the demonstrations. His aim was to make sure that there was civil action against Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown. The young black man was unarmed during the confrontation with the police officer, but he was still shot several times. The protests demanded the indictment of the policeman. The Open Societies Foundation motivated the groups to change the small shooting incident into an issue that attracted global attention.

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According to the Soros-owned organization’s tax records, about $33 million was donated towards different groups that were in the frontline during the protests. Most of these organization had significant influence in the grassroots. The director of the Open Societies Foundation stated that the body is committed to offering financial aid to the activist groups, but it does not control their activities. He also believes that governments should not violate the freedom of speech of their citizens. The Ferguson protests had a positive impact on the lives of the black community. Read this story at about George Soros.

White Shark Media About PPC On Mobile

PPC on Mobile is an important factor to consider but many businesses tend to overlook it. This affects their business strategy in a big way. In fact, studies reveal that major part of media consumption is through the mobile. This is why it is important that advertisers focus on their mobile-first strategies.White Shark Media presents a few insights here. Even though the majority of media consumption may be on mobile, but the content is made typically on desktops or laptops. Hence it is natural to design for such an environment. Even the search terms being used on desktop and mobile are different. But marketers still view it like an afterthought in all their online marketing efforts.

Due to all these factors, White Shark Media recommends having a paid-per-click campaign along with a mobile strategy. It may seem difficult to consider a mobile as well as desktop marketing strategy from the beginning itself. But this is important in order to have a strong foundation.

It is clear to all that the world of digital marketing is changing constantly. This is why having a solid foundation is critical to navigating these ongoing changes in a successful manner.

White Shark Media is aware that most clients have experimented with PPC already. They are well aware how search terms along with targeted services work. But they tend to forget about mobile marketing, strategic bidding process or even reliable tracking.

They need to know the kind of budget on which they can work upon. Poor tracking is a big mistake that companies tend to make with their PPC. This is because they do not know how to measure their efforts successfully. This is why White Shark Media believes that there must be a successful PPC pipeline that must be measured from start to finish. It must be on both mobile as well as desktop. This will give the maximum returns.


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Betsy DeVos Shares Thoughts on Education System

Betsy DeVos is definitely impressing a lot of people that have been waiting for education reform. She has been able to solidify herself as a strong advocate for the charter school system, and I believe that she is on the right track when it comes to building a better education platform.Many people do not really know about the charter school system, but this is becoming something that is much more prevalent because Betsy DeVos is putting more time into it. She has long stated that there is a huge difference in the charter school and public school system. She believes that more charter schools should be put in place because it raises a new standard.

Kids that are part of public school are going to want to get into the charter schools because they know that it gives them a better opportunity. Parents are also going to be more focused on helping your children when they get into the charter schools. This plays a major part in the success of students that have been trying to figure out how they can achieve more before they enter their college years. Many students, before Betsy DeVos (@BetsyDeVos)| Twitter put more emphasis on charter schools, were not even considering going to college. Many of them simply assumed that a college career was out of their reach. What Betsy DeVos has done is give people access to a better school system even if they are not from the best of neighborhoods.

This is something that I have admired Betsy DeVos because she has become a catalyst for changing education throughout the United States of America. I believe that a large part of her focus comes from the fact that students in America are not passing standardized tests. There is a low success rate when it comes to high scores on these type of exams. Betsy DeVos knows that a lot of this just comes from teachers and children that are not motivated. What Betsy DeVos proposes is that more teachers become engaged in the daily lives of their students. She does not want the public school system to simply be a failed education system where teachers are giving homework assignments and not providing any possibility for the students to grow.I can appreciate someone like DeVos because she speaks her mind and she lets people know about the grievances that she has with the education system. She may not be in a position to totally change the education system in the next four years, but I do believe that she will make a lot of progress. Unlike other former people in the position of Secretary of Education, I believe the Besty will get things done.

Omar Boraie Used Boraie Development for Improvements

The idea behind Boraie Development is that it is able to help the town of New Brunswick have newer buildings and things that are going to bring improvements to the city. Omar Boraie knew this when he started the company and he has worked very hard to continue helping people with the things that he can do for the company. Since then, Omar Boraie has been helping people and has been showing them what they can do in different situations. He has also been trying his best to show other people what they can get from the situations that they are in and how they can also help to make New Brunswick better. This is all documented in The Visions of Omar Boraie on the Central Jersey Working Moms site.

The first thing that Omar Boraie did was create a development. This was the first high rise that New Brunswick had ever seen and it was something that made it easier for people to realize what they could get out of different situations. It was also the first time that people realized what they would be able to do and how they would be able to make a difference for others. Since Omar Boraie tried to make things better on his own, Boraie Development was a great way for the city to get better and for people to try different things.

By using the development company, Omar Boraie knew what he was doing and also knew that he could make things better for other people. It was something that he was good at and something that he was confident in because of the way that things worked out for him. He also knew that it would be helpful for him so that he could try different things in the area that he was in. Omar Boraie handled all of these situations in a way that made it easy for him to enjoy the experiences that came with a new business.

While New Brunswick is now so much better than what it used to be, it still has a long way to go. Omar Boraie is hoping that he will be able to make it a better city and that people can try different things with it. He is also doing what he can to make the city better and to grow it to new levels. Omar Boraie is planning big things for New Brunswick.

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Jose Auriemo Neto’s JHSF Development Project’s Achievements


Sao Paulo is teeming with top-end commercial and residential buildings as well as shopping centers. Most of these are the works of JHSF, a top of the game real estate company in Brazil. JHSF specializes in large scale developments, hotels, shopping malls and lately, an executive airport. Here are some of the trendy projects undertaken by JHSF in Brazil.

Vitra in Itaim

It is among the most famous buildings in Sao Paulo. Daniel Libeskind designed it. It is the pioneer triple-A residential project to be awarded the AQUA seal of sustainability. The others include Residencia Cidade Jardim and Barreto 423. Their interior design was the work of the renowned French architect Denis Montel. Claudia Moreira Salles designed the common areas.

Parque Cidade Jardim

It is large scale multi-purpose development is Sao Paulo. It hosts Cidade Jardim shopping mall, 19 high-end residential apartments and three triple-A office towers known as Cidade Jardim Corporate Centre. Because of the mall, this development has become the most visited place in the city.

Fazenda Boa Vista Ranch

The development is the country’s most successful leisure developments. Situated in Porto Feliz, Sao Paulo, the place has native forests, lakes and two golf courses. It also has riding stables and the first Fasano hotel located away from the city. Fasano Hotels is another JHSF business unit that includes 15 award winning restaurants in Brazil.

About the CEO

Jose Auriemo Neto manages JHSF. Neto is a real estate investment mogul who is the chairman and CEO of the company. He began working in the company in 1993. Due to his creativity and innovation, he created the company’s first service department and eventually the first retail outlet, Shopping Santa Cruz.

Since taking charge of leadership at the enterprise, Auriemo Neto has brought exceptional development and signed prestigious deals to the company. In 2009, he signed a deal with Gucci and Hermes to stock their luxurious products. In 2013, Jose Auriemo entered into another partnership with Valentino. Consequently, JHSF opened the first Valentino store in Brazil. Also, under his guidance, the Fasano Hotels’ business unit has earned numerous industry awards such as the Luxury Hotels of the Year Awards.


Tony Petrello’s Career at the Nabors Industries

Tony Petrello has a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s of Science in Mathematics from Yale University. He also holds a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. Tony Petrello’s career started in 1979 at Baker & McKenzie law firm.

Service at Nabors Industries

Petrello served in 1991 as Nabors’ Chief Operating Officer. In 1992, he was elected the organization’s president. In the year 2003, Tony became the Deputy Chairperson and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Nabors Industries. He was appointed as the CEO in 2011 before being elected Chairperson in 2012.

The Calculated Compensation at FY 2015

Tony Petrello heads one of the largest and most profitable geothermal and gas exploration company. In 2015 alone, his compensation was estimated to be $27, 512, 939. The compensation was divided in three portions$ namely: 7,700,000 bonus, $ 16, 663,656 stock and $1, 580,077 salaries. $1.342, 000 represented other compensations.

Role and Memberships in Boards

Petrello has been a member of the Board of Directors Stewart & Stevenson LLC since 2012. He has also been a Director of the Board at the Texas Children’s Hospital and an active advocate of the clinical programs for the victims of neurological disorders. Tony is also a member of the Board of Trustees at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Nabors Industries

It is a United States-based oil and gas drilling industry. It runs the biggest and largest oil and gas deposits in the globe. Nabors has significantly impacted the industry with its innovative and high technology drilling equipment, experience and innovative approached to the ever demanding energy sector business to learn more: click here.

Nabors payments and compensations underwent revision due to the demonstrations by the California State Teachers Retirement System. The corporate governance and compensation structures were overhauled. CEO roles were split, payments limited to salaries and bonuses only, and the shareholders given the authority to elect the members they wanted to the Board of Directors.

Jeremy Goldstein – Expert Attorney on Advising Compensation Committee

One of the most sought after lawyers in New York today is Jeremy Goldstein, who is also the founder and partner of Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC. The firm has been handling many of the high profile cases in the corporate world for some of the biggest companies in the United States, especially the ones that have their headquarters in New York.

Jeremy Goldstein is specialized in providing his clients with expert advice on forming a compensation structure for the upper management of the company, which includes CEOs, Vice Presidents, Presidents, Managing Directors, and other top posts. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

In the context of compensation structure, he recently talked about the stock options and what are the benefits of opting for it and what are its primary disadvantages. Jeremy Goldstein said that it is important for the employees to understand that stock options are nothing but their ownership of the company to a certain percentage, and the market value of the company in the stock market would decide the worth of the stock options they have been given.

In many cases, people have become overnight millionaire and billionaire through the stock options, and in many cases, the company shut down, and the employees couldn’t ever realize the worth they were promised by converting the stock options.

Jeremy Goldstein says that many of the employees these days want a higher salary instead of stock options as it provides peace of mind. Jeremy Goldstein has played a very significant role in the merger and acquisitions of many companies, including the merger of Duke Energy and Progress Energy.

Over the years, Jeremy Goldstein has been able to make a firm stand in market and is known for his in-depth knowledge and expertise in compliance law, administrative law, finance law, corporate law, and other associated fields. He continues to be the go-to attorney for all things regarding corporate law in New York.

Agora Financial – Financial Planning with ease

Agora Financial is a financial content provider which aims to provide its users with the best information in regards to their financial future. Agora has helped over 1 million readers who are not experts on finance be prepared for the ever changing market trends in the economy. Agora alleviates the stress of finding authentic financial advice.
Agora provides readers with over 20 publications, addressing different components of the economy such companies on the rise and wealth protection strategies. Users are presented with 100% unbiased content, as the information that is provided is based on Agora’s own research. Agora’s researchers are not desk junkies who sits at a computer and obtains information just from the internet. Their researchers are actively traveling the globe trying to locate the best investments for its subscribers. Agora funds its own research with over 1 million dollars per year spent on travel and other research means.
Agora’s staff is comprised of many experienced professionals including; a Harvard trained geologist, an award winning filmmaker, an ex-hedge fund manager, a self-made billionaire, and a three time New York Times best selling author.
Agora has been known to spot on in identifying various major market trends over the past two decades. Trends such as the rise in the price of gold, the 2008 housing collapse, the large increase in the price of oil, and the growth of the biotechnology sector. These predictions have allowed readers to protect themselves prior to the declines in the economy and invest and enjoy profits from the inclines in the economy.

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Invent A New Color Scheme For Your Hair With Lime Crime

Are you looking for a bold color scheme for your hair that provide a temporary or permanent solution. Lime Crime creator and CEO, has impressed her following with a line of hair dyes that offers thirteen unique colors. Get a full 700 ml in each jar that will give you an amazing 14 washes. You won’t be able to find the intricate colors that are offered by LC cosmetics. You can choose from many colors that will allow you to be completely unapologetic about your new color. They encourage girls and guys everywhere to bring out the unicorn inside of them.


Lime Crime cosmetics is used by some of the top celebrities in the industry including Kim K. and Miley Cyrus. They have said, that LC cosmetics hold extremely well under the camera lights. Their waterproof cosmetics guarantee not to smudge during your normal routine of eating and drinking. You get a super-foil base that provides a smooth application with a perfected mold finish. Get the perfect colors for your eyelids and lips every time. Their colors make it very easy to compliment any mood and transition from a day or night look.


You can find unique ways to blend their makeup on their YouTube channel. They offer real testimonials for thousands of women around the world. Discover a new way to blend two colors to find the perfect blend for your look. You can also find ways to compliment your hair dye or cosmetics with clothing items and accessories from their sister company, Dolls Kills. Say goodbye, to the dull boring colors that you’re use to and transform your look with the benefits of LC unicorn hair dye products. They offer the LEAP Bunny approved products that their customers are use too.


Join the 2.4 million Instagram followers that are choosing the trendy colors that are offered by Lime Crime. Visit their unique website for more promotional and purchasing options for first-time customers today. You will never want to go back to other leading competitor cosmetic brands that you use to wear once you experience the benefits of LC.

Phillip Diehl of U.S. Money Reserve calls top-level meeting in Austin

Phillip K. Diehl, the former director of the U.S. Mint and CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, called a meeting of top-level officials last week in Austin, Texas. The theme of the conference was the current threats facing the U.S. and global economy. In particular, Diehl aimed to get input from the world’s top economic minds on the implications of the many converging trends that have historically led to hyperinflation.

Gold may be the only hedge Americans have

One topic of the meeting was the role that gold and silver coins can play in the face of extreme systemic risk. Diehl has long maintained that gold and silver are the layperson’s hedging strategy. Diehl says that there are no other asset classes that have historically posted such compelling records as effective hedges than both physical gold and silver.

One of the great services that U.S. Money Reserve offers is to give average Americans the opportunity to take physical possession of this historically robust natural hedging instrument. Diehl says that in cases of a severe systemic shock, it is likely that contract enforcement may become difficult to impossible. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: and

For this reason, Diehl contends that gold and silver ownership should not be viewed as a sufficient hedge against systemic collapse unless it is actually taken into physical possession by the owner.

As far as the nature of the economic threat, Diehl and other speakers gave convincing arguments that the U.S. economy is at a historic crossroads.

Problems such as constantly expanding, record-level real unemployment, the retiring Baby Boomer generation, the refusal to leave the workforce of many Americans over 65 and many other issues are brewing in a cauldron of economic turmoil that Diehl believes will eventually lead to Venezuelan-style hyperinflation. If that happens, tens of millions of Americans could see their life savings wiped out and end up with no means on which to survive, much less retire.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Since its founding in 2008, U.S. Money Reserve has become the largest distributor of U.S.-issued gold and silver coins in the United States. But the company is much more than an ordinary gold and silver coin dealer.

Employing financial planners, economists and market analysts, U.S. Money Reserve helps its customers use their gold and silver purchases as part of a larger hedging strategy, allowing for millions of Americans to gain the same level of protection against market volatility as investment professionals.