The Chainsmokers Return

Given the number of options people have for listening to music, standing out in the pop music genre is harder than ever. However the electronic pop duo helmed by Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart known as The Chainsmokers hit the ground running since their debut album Bouquet and Collage in 2015. Though they’re coming off a nine month music dry spell, their longest their formation, their most recent single “Sick Boy” has recaptured back in the limelight.

This new single is a bit of a divergence from their typical dance-centric electro-pop music, and carries with it a critique of our social media obsessed culture. “How many likes is my life worth?” and “Feed yourself with my life’s work” serve as the bridge to the song’s hook, and its a wonder whether the song is asking those questions rhetorically or acting as a critique of the general populous.

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Their latest single You Owe Me is more reminiscent of their previous hits, with slightly harmonized spoken word over the relatively simple background melody. While having been released only a month ago, the song already has over 29 million listens and is well on its way to cementing itself in the top pop charts of 2018.

They may have absorbed some of the heavy piano-driven pop style of Coldplay during their recent tour together, and overall it seems to bring a fuller and more complete sound to their repertoire.

I can’t wait for their next single to drop followed by their new full length LP later this year. Currently they’re about to kick-off a major Asian tour before coming back and settling into Las Vegas for the majority of the summer. They’ll be alternating weekend nights between XS and Encore nearly every single weekend between now and August 10th.

Academy of Art University

There is no doubt a fashion transformation is going on as the design is in the sky, the streets, and is all part of how we exist. So, here is the American fashion of the 21st century and just picture the way we dress today for different events in contrast to decades ago.

Speaking of fashion’s future, the Academy of Art University recently did a showcase during September 2017. Both students and graduates of the University took part on the platform in front of a national, worldwide audience — including their peers and future career tutors. These fashion participants were presented with the spotlight to showcase their ideas of what’s in the market for the outlook of clothing designs.

For instance, Eden Slezin is a graduate of The School of Fashion, and he is from the Bay Area. Eden is one of 20 participants who expressed his appreciation for a preferred outfit that is well known in San Francisco. Moreover, many of these chosen finalists presented their favored clothing design from personalized influenced events such as the passing of family members or from admiring the environments scene.

Thus, the Skylight Clarkson Square is the recognized place for all things. It is where the Art University’s School of Fashion conducted its 21st runway highlight and where the audience praised many accomplishments. What’s more, The San Francisco urban campus is an adventure you would not want to bypass.

The tour help can provide you its state-of-the-art facilities, galleries, exhibits, and housing. Also, the College students enjoy unique real-world experiences during their time at the establishment which will lead to business success. And, what makes the Academy of Art University such a good school is how it starts you off with the proper foundation. This is an advantage for the students to begin from the bottom to finish.

Also, as a college student at the Art University, you will first receive every necessary element it takes to be a designer. The Academy has always flourished on imagination and innovation. This significant element is a sharing with San Francisco — and since 1929; the city has been recognized as home.

In other words, the former Academy of Art College and San Francisco has grown together. These mutual sources of talent and inspiration have served the city throughout history. The University is independently owned and improved in California and across the US.


Professional Lecturer Vijay Eswaran Defines Core Values as Pillar for Success in Organizations

Successful entrepreneur and professional lecturer Vijay Eswaran defines core values as indicators of success in any type of organization. Vijay Eswaran is an economist, motivational speaker, philanthropist and founder and Executive Chairman of QI Group of Companies with interests in real estate, direct selling, education, retail in over 30 countries around the world.

He is a renowned author of the best-selling book ‘In the Sphere of Silence’. Vijay Eswaran has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and also as a philosopher in business and personal leadership growth. His vast background provides perspective into the core values of an individual and organization that determines the potential growth and success of the organization or individual as a whole. The core values of an individual are the intuitive responses of the individual to the environment from the core of their character.

The core values of an organization can be evaluated to determine if the organization is providing the optimal level of performance of their daily tasks. Vijay Eswaran stresses the importance of working and leading with the sense of honesty that exudes from a real place within one’s character. That provides intrinsic character responses from the staff with honesty and truth. In fact, servant leaders with honest core values have mastered the art of operating in truth and compassion for their people to elicit a sense of passion in the work performed by them.

By establishing a level of trust and care in leadership, companies can create an environment and organizational culture that at produce extremely high levels of success and growth. When the core value of leadership within an organization is sound and truthful it creates a reverberation of response throughout the organization to elicit the highest level efforts by the organization’s staff. Professional lecturer an entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran defines core values as a major pillar to determine the success of any organization.

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Richard Dwayne Blair and Retirement Preparations

Richard Dwayne Blair advocates financial planning that entails three distinct phases. He’s the head of a company that’s called Wealth Solutions. His objective is to encourage all people out there to prepare to achieve their financial objectives. It doesn’t matter if an individual wishes to retire comfortably or if he or she simply wants to conserve wealth. Richard Dwayne Blair endorses the power of a tangible and thoughtful plan. His focus is on preparations that are split up into three separate stages. The first stage entails pinpointing peoples’ expansion chances, abilities and objectives in general. The second stage entails putting together powerful investment methods that are suitable for extended stretches of time. The third stage is the last one. It involves taking peoples’ in-depth insurance requirements into consideration. Richard Dwayne Blair is aware that people experience shocking setbacks all of the time. That’s the reason he wants them to get well-rounded coverage in advance. Annuities and life insurance are both strong options that can safeguard people who don’t want to have to concern themselves with stress.

Blair is delighted to call Austin in Texas his place of residence. Austin is the welcoming state capital. It’s a metropolis that’s full of inspiring, artistic and pleasant individuals. It’s a metropolis that’s full of people who want to protect all of their assets well, too. What made Blair decide to set up a firm like Wealth Solutions? He established this company in the nineties. He wanted to teach other people. He wanted to make sure that they never felt lost regarding their financial aspirations. Retirement can be an intimidating thing to many professionals. The idea of never working again can make many people feel uneasy. Richard Dwayne Blair comes from a loving family that consists of many people who work and who have worked in the teaching profession. He, because of that, understands perfectly how effective and influential instructing other people can be. He wants to instruct people who are looking to make financial decisions that are sound. He’s not the kind of individual who likes keeping valuable information to himself. Wealth Solutions’ client base respects that.

Why David Samadi Commands Respect in Oncology

David Samadi is an American doctor who is doing so much to ensure that people with cancer get cured. After observing the market for a long time, David Samadi was shocked to realize that the number of cancer patients kept increasing even with the advancements that have been announced on various platforms. Experts predicted that this number was going to increase, even after so much has been done to reduce the number of cancer victims. In the United States alone, millions of men and women continue to lose lives because they discover they have the disease when it has already spread. David Samadi, a renowned urologist who is working with some of the best hospitals in the country, has chosen to spend all his life in cancer treatment. Because he is highly experienced, the doctor has managed to introduce several effective forms of cancer treatment to the people who are being diagnosed with the medical condition.

David Samadi enjoys a very respectable career in the United States. However, he was never born in this country. According to some of the stories he has been sharing over the years, the businessman and his family were living in Iran when war civil wars started, forcing Samadi to move and settle in other areas. David Samadi had to look for alternative settlement in Belgium, and this is where he laid the foundation of a career. The businessman was on his own in a foreign land, and he needed to make ends meet. Instead of engaging in illegal activities because his parents were far away, the businessman chose to focus on his studies so that his parents could be proud of what he achieved. Fortunately for him, he got a chance to live in the United States.

When David Samadi settled in America, he had to find a respectable career. When growing up, the doctor had watched so many people die just because they could not get adequate medical care. With the motivation he was getting from his parents back at home, David Samadi worked so hard, and he managed to enroll into one of the leading university where he graduated with honors. While in school, the doctor had no option but to work extra hard so that he could prove his passion and love for medicine. David Samadi practiced in several institutions before he could finally be declared to be a professional doctor. The doctor loves taking care of his patients at all times.

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TMS Health Solutions Helping People Lead A Fulfilling Life

Major Depressive Disorder (clinical Depression) is a health condition that many individuals do not realize they have. A majority of such people suffer for years and only get professional help during a crisis. TMS Health Solution is a company that seeks to give hope to those with mental health conditions.

Formation and Mission of the Company
Dr. Richard Bermudes is the founder of the company that was founded in 2007. It initially operated under the name Mindful Health Solutions. The TMS Health Partners LLC runs the company, and the partners are Brad Hummel, Richard Bermudes, and Karl Lanacho. The company is passionate about helping patients attain their goals by providing personalized treatment plans. The staff treat and research on medical health conditions as well as educate communities.

Symptoms of Clinical Depression
It is vital for one to know the symptoms of MDD and get help as it does not go away on its own. Some symptoms are feeling of worthlessness, isolating oneself, anxiety, and thought of being better off dead.

MDD treatment at TMS Health Solutions
The clinician and staff at the company are passionate about offering patient-centric and innovative care. They first have to listen to the patient and understand the history and symptoms of MDD before coming up with a unique treatment plan. They partner with patient’s primary care providers, therapist, and psychiatrist to ensure a patient gets the best treatment result. Treatment at the company is a combination of medication, psychotherapy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).
a) Psychotherapy- patients talk their issues with a psychiatrist.
b) Medication- patients get antidepressants that increase blood flow to the brain cells or regulates the mood.
c) Electroconvulsive therapy- involves passing of electric current through the brain. It is performed under general anesthesia.
d) TMS Therapy– a non-invasive therapy that does not require surgery or sedation.

More about the TMS Therapy
Almost half of MDD patients do not respond to medication. This therapy is an advanced, effective and proven option for the treatment-resistant depression. It uses magnetic pulses that are directed to the brain. It has been approved by the FDA and unlike antidepressants, it has no side effects. The TMS Therapy is administered in an outpatient setting and a session takes between 30-60 minutes. A patient requires a treatment plan with sessions lasting for four to six weeks. The clinicians at TMS Health Solutions have specialized in TMS Therapy. According to their statistics, the therapy is effective in more than half of the patients.

Sahm Adrangi: Reliable Investment Personality

There is a growing trend among investors in the United States, which involves investing in high volatile investment options. People believe that by investing in high volatile investments, they can earn more profit because of its extensive growth that can be achieved in an instant. One of the leading investment gurus in the United States today is Sahm Adrangi, and he is helping newbies to learn more about risk investing. Through the company that he established in 2008, named Kerrisdale Capital Management, he can share his knowledge about investing, and many people are benefiting from it. Sahm Adrangi is known for his ability to choose the right investment for his clients, and he is also the reason why they are earning a lot. His techniques have proven to be effective, and because of his skills and expertise in risk investment, many people are now asking for him to help them out with their portfolios. Through helping the people with their investment inquiries, Adrangi received the distinction as one of the most reliable personalities in the field of trading. Visit The Hedgefund Journal to know more about Sahm Adrangi.


Recently, it was reported that Sahm Adrangi went into a deal which involved the purchase of $100 million worth of stocks at a company that is yet to be unveiled. Many people raised their eyebrows about the decision of Sahm Adrangi, but he said that they have to wait for the results because it is only one of his strategies to earn additional profit. The move is considered as a big risk, knowing that the company is still unknown, and there are a lot of things that might happen in the future which would affect his reputation. However, some experts are also lauding his actions, claiming that his brilliant move could end in creating more profit for his clients. View Sahm Adrangi at


Sahm Adrangi managed to get the funding from his loyal clients who have agreed to give him $100 million to invest. They believe in risk investment and has been doing it ever since because they wanted to earn more money. Sahm Adrangi also ensured his clients that the money they lend him would be returned to them with high yields after a short period.


The RealReal’s Success

Inspired by the great accomplishment of their first opening in New York City, popular brand, The RealReal, sets goals to start investing more in in-store experiences in the new year. This will make it “the year of the pop-up,” says the business’s Director of marketing, Allison Sommer. On Tuesday, In a conference in Miami, Sommer noted that selling in stores will help legitimize a brand an give an online business more of a street/eye level presence.

In late November the RealReal welcomed it’s brand to the SoHo location. The RealReal has had previous success when holding pop-ups in 2016 in the New York City area and brought in nearly two million dollars. That was the motivation right there to plan on testing new markets and pop-ups all throughout the year. The stores value is way higher than the value of online orders. This was a great start of accomplishment for a business that was previously an online brand only.

Sommers also made a comment about their customers becoming loyal fans after trying all that The RealReal has to offer. This comment holds very true for the new markets for the brand including San Francisco where a pop-up was also held at by The RealReal for a long two months that started in November. Pop-ups help so much to bring attention to the brand even when the pop-up is over.

Ever since The RealReal’s pop-up in San Francisco the brand has seen a big ammount of 500 percent year-over-year expansion with the number of online purchasers in the San Francisco area.

With the motivation of the San Francisco’s accomplishment The RealReal hopes to have a repeat with an opening in Las Vegas with a pop-up. The brand will continue to hold pop-ups throughout the United States all year. The brand’s goal is to reach those people who love fashion and who aren’t too familiar of those pop-ups like the people in the big cities like N.Y. and L.A.

The RealReal is also having experts and specialist at these pop-ups to help the customers as needed.

This brand has truly figured out the solution to a bigger business and that is the increase of the physical store presence and not just online. This has been very successful for The RealReal and they will continue on this road of success.

Daniel Taub

The ambassador of Israel to the UK, Daniel Taub has drifted the idea of new formation of coalitions in the Middle East between the long-standing antagonists and the Jewish in a plan to offset the alleged threat created the nuclear ambitions of Iran yet assuaged between world powers and Tehran’s last weekend deal.

Israel has firm confirmations that the Geneva accord will not be able to control the posed threat by Iran. Moreover, Israel claims the Accord will not even slow down the progress of Iran of obtaining a nuclear weapon. Because of the failures that the Geneva accord is likely to face, there is a view that Israel will team up with other largely Sunni countries such as Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states in its effort to oppose Iran’s nuclear plans.

This situation might require more fundamental partnerships t counter a common enemy. Countries can put aside their immediate paradigms and differences and consider what they have in common as well get more interest to deepen their relationships says Daniel Taub.

Although many Middle East countries are against Israel due to its Palestinian territories occupation, Mr. Taub is confident that teaming up is possible. This is due to the changes in the region that are making the countries to consider some choices that have always been unthinkable.

According to Israel, Iran is getting closer to becoming a nuclear weapon nation. Moreover, Israel claims that if in the next few years there will be a nuclear bomb in Madrid or New York, it will be simply of the deal that was signed.

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer and Israel diplomat. He is also a writer who has largely written on middle and Israel. He has several articles in the Guardia, times, the Huffington Post, Daily Telegraph and many more.

His analyses on every Tora section include political perspective, humor and many more. In addition to this, Mr. Taub is the founder and principal scriptwriter of the famous drama series in Israel called HeChatzer.

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Great Britain. He went to the Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, University College in London and University College in Oxford.

He later moved in 1989 to Israel. Since then, he has served in several areas in Israel such as a combat medic at Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and its international law division as a reserve officer.

From 1991, Daniel has served in Israeli Foreign Ministry in several diplomatic and legal posts. Mr. Taub was Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015. Currently, Mr. Taub is Yad Hanadiv foundation’s Director of Planning and Strategy.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Known for Providing Highly Efficient Plastic and Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

Cosmetic and plastic surgeries are more common than they used to be a few years back. It is because this particular branch of medicine has advanced drastically in the recent years, ensuring that the people have the options available to tweak their appearance as they please. Starting from fat reduction to Rhinoplasty and from Botox to Facelift, and more, there are endless options available for just about every part of your body. It may be something that you have from birth or an injury from an accident that is damaging your appearance, whatever it is, plastic and cosmetic surgeon such as Dr. Walden can take care of it.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a famous cosmetic plastic surgeon in the United States and has featured on many TV networks, including VH1, E!, CBS, ABC, and more. She has performed hundreds and thousands of plastic surgeries over the years successfully and has immense experience in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgeries, especially the breast augmentation and facelift procedures. The patients of Dr. Walden are highly appreciative of Dr. Jennifer Walden as she is very patient with her patients and ensures that she fully understands their concerns before moving ahead with any treatment. Also, Dr. Walden takes time to make every patient of her know if there are any complications or if there are pros and cons they need to consider.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has done graduation in Biology from the University of Texas and has completed MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch. The patients of Dr. Walden feel that she is one of the most kind-hearted and intelligence plastic surgeons in the country, who ensure that the patients get the result they came looking for. Dr. Walden takes her time in performing surgeries and does it with the highly qualified assistant team to ensure that the results are impeccable always. facebook page