What Makes Drew Madden A Success

Drew Madden is a seasoned healthcare services professional and successful entrepreneur who has built his career on putting together talented teams that deliver results. He has a unique expertise in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) projects.

Madden has worked at some of the biggest names in healthcare consulting. He began his career at Cerner Corporation before switching to Epic Consulting. But it wasn’t until he joined Nordic that his career began to flourish. He found a culture and vibe that he connected with as a consultant. Nordic’s culture is people-focused. The company puts together events that help its employees socialize and become stronger as a team.

Outside of the healthcare industry, it’s common to cut and paste one solution and apply it to every situation. But when it comes to healthcare, Madden understands that no one’s health or health history is the same, and their electronic medical records shouldn’t be either.

Madden served as Nordic’s president from 2011 to 2016. Under his leadership, Nordic earned many awards and accolades, including being ranked number one in Epic staffing and implementation support. Nordic is currently one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US: it grew from just 10 employees to over 700 while Madden was president.

He currently works for Evergreen Healthcare Partners as a managing partner. Evergreen Healthcare Partners is built on the idea that people and their ideas matter. The company focuses on building lasting client relationships with this principle in mind. In July, Evergreen Healthcare Partners added Talent Management Solutions to its repertoire, which allows the company’s clients to identify and recruit the best people in IT to their teams.

Drew Madden lives and works in the Madison, WI area. He tweets regularly @drew_madden on the future of medical technology, data software security, and football at the University of Iowa, his alma mater.

Love Wine? Become a Wine Guide and Travel Napa Valley Like One

If you love fine wines, especially wines from the fabulous Napa Valley, you will love the revolutionary concept that Traveling Vineyards provides. In short, the company has a legion of team members that they call Wine Guides. These Wine Guides will come to your home or office to put on a fun and spritely wine tasting. This can be paired with a dinner or a cheese tasting, whatever you think your guests would like.

Wine Guides help you put on a great event for your guests and will walk them through unique facts about each wine’s flavor and pairing options. After your guests have sipped and savored they can purchase as many bottles as they like, all at the specialized price that the Wine Guides receive. It’s truly a brilliant concept.

Becomming a Wine Guide is also a fun way to earn income while sharing your love for wine with others. You can easily learn more about the incredibly cool life of a Wine Guide.

Wine Guides also travel Napa Valley in style. Traveling Vineyards recently shared some tips for visiting Napa Valley and enjoying non-wine related activities. When you’re a Wine Guide, you always have access to the greatest of Napa Valley wines at the best prices so you will be more adept to check out other activities. Napa Valley is one of this country’s most lush and gorgeous regions and there is a ton to take in.

For example, those who love history can visit the Napa Valley Historical Institute and take a tour of how Napa Valley looked to people hundreds of years ago. Art gurus can visit the many art galleries in the area or stop by the Napa Valley Art Walk to see some really funky 3-D statue-like art pieces that can actually be purchased. There are many spas including the prestigious Auberge Spa at Calistoga Ranch. The spa has actual hot springs on site and a variety of other activities, even hot air balloon rides.

You can also stop by the Louis Stephenson State Park and see the famed Mount Saint Helena and try your hand (or legs) at hiking part of the great mountain. The entire area is rich with pristine views and trails. For more info about us: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/the-traveling-vineyard#/entity click here.

While the folks at Traveling Vineyard know that a trip to Napa Valley surely must involve trips to the vineyard, these many activities will help you travel like a Wine Guide.

Michael Terpins: Setting the Pace for Other Rally Drivers

To most people, sports are a way to enjoy life and keep reality at bay while to the Terpins’ family it is a lifestyle and source of income. That is proved by his father who was once a successful basketball player and in addition a good community leader while Michael and Rodrigo Terpin are famous rally drivers. Michael, for instance, is quite successful in the sport and the many victories that the forty year driver has taken home are proof of that. Michael hails from Sao Paulo and he together with his brother started the Bull Sertoes rally team which has hosted very many rallies most of which, Michael gets to take top positions. For instance, in the 24th edition, he and his colleague Maykel Justo ranked number five even after they experienced mechanical problems during their third round. The race had seven stages and took place within two states having a rough terrain of 2600 kilometers. Since he started rally racing four seasons ago, Michael Terpin and his navigator always use the powerful T-REX powered by MEM motorsport which enables them to tackle any terrain and emerge on the top positions of any rally they participate in. To enhance its performance, the T-REX had several modifications added. These included a V8 engine.

Michael did not just go straight into car racing; he began as a motorcycle racer and has participated in several competitions in Sao Paulo before making his first debut as a T1 prototype driver in the year 2002. His participation in rally driving makes it look like an easy sport while in reality; it requires a lot of skills. Michael is enough proof to people across the world that determination, hard work, and passion are the only secret ingredients to getting what you want. Apart from sports, his next favorite thing is his family, and most of the times the forty-year-old is seen hanging out with his father Jack brother and other family members. He is also a close relative to the famous Alpine Swift. Michael Terpins is also an environmentalist and him together with Rodrigo Terpins, are the creators of Carbon Seal, a program which seeks to reduce the impact of carbon emissions during races by planting trees.

Daniel Taub the renowned diplomat and international lawyer

Daniel Taub has been an international legal advisor, diplomat, and ambassador. With the passion for serving his country, he has been in various positions in the government of Israel. Daniel Taub has done an important job in negotiating peace process whenever his country has been at war with the neighboring countries.

During the civil war between Israel and Palestine, Daniel took part in peace making process together with his Palestinian counterpart who they had traveled together with to perform the same role for the two countries. The Israel-Palestine became peaceful as the fruit of the negotiation. Daniel Taub as a peacemaker had also negotiated for peace between Syria and his country.

Daniel Taub has been a writer and an ambassador of Israel to his country of birth, the UK. Daniel has written a lot of publications and books. His writing has always been focusing on peace in Middle East, and Israel. Moreover, Taub is a talented public speaker with exceptional communication skills which create humor to his audience. He has been in different broadcasting shows including CNN, Sky News, BBC, and Newsnight. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.daniel-taub.co.il/

As an ambassador for four years in the United Kingdom as from 2011 to 2015, he brought some positive changes between Israel and the UK. He met Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for the first time when he was given legal documents by Israel government to be a representative in the UK.

The two had an interaction during his enrollment to a point where he was asked how he feels to represent the country he run to exile many years ago in his motherland.  Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

During his tenure as the ambassador, he made the foreign trade between the UK and Israel to double. He made Israelites set more than 300 new business ventures in the UK. Apart from boosting the bilateral trade and the economy, peace and harmony were more enhanced.

The bilateral trade was notable due to its rise to $ 8 billion. Daniel launched a start-up Bizcamp competition with the partnership with Google while he was serving in the UK.

The activity that made him receive a Grassroot Diplomat Initiative recognition. As an ambassador, he focused more on trade links and technology advancement that could bring a notable change to the two countries.

Daniel Taub worked in numerous diplomatic, political and legal roles. He once served in Yad Hanadiv Foundation as the director and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the legal advisor and vice president at the same time. During Gaza scandal, he represented Israel in a lawsuit that was observed by UN representatives.

What Jeffry Schneider Loves When Free From Work

Jeffry Schneider is a CEO who has worked in several successful companies. He started his career in 1992, and over the years he has climbed ranks in different financial institutions to become a CEO. There are several successful CEOs out there, but Jeffry is different: he has a keen interest
in staying fit. He even goes further to encourage his employees to stay healthy. He knows the benefits of staying fit to one’s health as well as to the general running of the corporate business. When free from the busy work of running a major financial corporation, he is busy
exploring different adventures which boost his fitness levels. Some of the
things which Jeffry Schneider loves during his free time include the following:

Eating healthy and staying fit

The CEO loves staying fit and eating healthy. It is not common to find him eating junk food. He knows the dangers junk food can pose to the body and he is cautious
when it comes to the food he eats. It can be seen from the level of fitness he
has when in the field working out. He works out on a regular basis to achieve
his goals of participating in different fitness competitions.

Participating in marathons

It is not easy to take part in a marathon and run a big company at the same time. It
requires a lot of preparation so that you can achieve the required level of
fitness. Jeffry is very fit and has completed several marathons in his life.
Very few CEOs can finish a marathon let alone work out on a regular
basis. He encourages other CEOs to start working out.

Completing Ironman triathlons and Half Ironman triathlons

There are several triathlons in which the CEO has participated. It is not easy to complete a triathlon due to the different skills required. For example, you should be able
to run a marathon, ride a bike and swim for you to accomplish the different
challenges. Jeffry has great endurance due to his ability to complete several
Ironman triathlons and half Ironman triathlon competitions.

Exploring the world

After a busy year in an organization, it is necessary to take breaks and relax the mind so
that you will come back energized. Jeffry Schneider loves exploring nature in Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

Sahm Adrangi ‘s Incredible Business Plan

Kerrisdale Capital Management owned by Sahm Adrangi plans to bet against a single stock. Kerrisdale Capital management has been able by now to gather an amount almost reaching hundred dollars in its plan. This information was licked out by a person with the information to the Reuters. It appears that it is the first time for Kerrisdale Capital Management to acquire such an amount meant for the termed “co-investment.” However large amounts of money are raised by hedge fund managers to recover distressed energy firms or securities regarding the residential mortgage. This is in contrast with the plans new Kerrisdale Capital Management, which is a relatively small company. Kerrisdale Capital Management is on a plan to short the stork of a public company that is yet to be opened.

As written by Adrangi in an email to the concerned investors, he said that they had managed to strike the cord of the alternative community by raising such a significant amount within a concise time frame. The email was review by the Reuters. According to the email, Adrangi added that they are planning to make everyone understand all that they have about the success they have had in acquiring a ten billion worth company. Adrangi has joined hands with the Kerrisdale Capital Management’s analyst Shane Wilson who is focused on the upcoming campaigns and is designing a video, a report, a website and other materials on their thesis to convince people.

The person whose identity is hidden to the public continued to report to the Reuters that the targeted company is scheduled to be opened in mid may. The information was not meant to be portrayed to the public. He tells the Reuters that the Kerrisdale Capital Management has already started establishing its stand in the new company by buying stock according to the email.

With the now amassed amount, Kerrisdale Capital Management harbors an approximate sum of money of five hundred dollars. Kerrisdale Capital Management has a reputation in its history of taking its case public and of betting against companies. Some of the companies in its history that it has short included the Sage Therapeutics which is a drug producing company, a satellite company Globalstar and the Zafgen. Kerrisdale Capital Management’s hedge fund used for betting for and some other times betting against companies has enabled the company to have an annual return of 28% for five years now as reported by the person.

Learn More : https://www.hvst.com/user/sahm-adrangi

Three Things Rocketship Education CEO Preston Smith Learned in Ten Years

Public education is a necessary part of modern, developed societies. Another feature of most societies is income inequality, in which people holding the highest net worths make up a disproportionately large stake in the world’s total currency and asset supply, with everybody else bearing the brunt of the load. Further, low-income neighborhoods, cities, and regions have, on average, far lower qualities of education than their wealthier counterparts.

Fortunately for these low-income areas, Preston Smith founded Rocketship Education, a network of public charter schools found throughout the United States. There are currently 18 locations across America: 12 in its home state of California, 3 in Tennessee, 2 in the nation’s capital, and 1 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its charter status allows it to receive funding from private sources and from government agencies in tandem, without having to adhere to the often-unfair rules of local school boards.

Throughout Preston Smith’s first ten years of funding, working for, and overseeing the operations of Rocketship Education, he picked up on a number of things every educator should be privy to – here are a few of them.

Rocketship Education is known across the nation as a pioneer in personalized education, in which technological devices and software allow students to work on their own for a certain portion of each school day. While the bulk of Rocketship students’ time at school is spent listening and contributing to lectures, tech-assisted personalized learning is integral to its success as a school. President Preston Smith feels it’s important for teachers to visit the home of children at least once per school year, affording them the perception of what it’s like to be each of their students, effectively bumping up the efficacy of personalized instruction efforts.

Parents are asked to be integral functions of interviews for new teachers. Students tell parents things at home they wouldn’t dare tell anybody else. As such, parents – as long as they’re given proper instruction beforehand – help screen out bad applicants with ease.

Another important aspect of success as a public school is for its constituents and associates to be proud of their involvement with public schools.

The Dominance of OSI in the Food Processing Industry

Started off as just a meat market At Oak Park, Illinois, United States of America, OSI Group has grown over the years to dominate the food processing market all over the globe. OSI Group is a holding firm comprising of meat processors that serve numerous food and retail industries. With its headquarters located in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the Current Chief Executive Officer.

It was in 1909 that Otto Kolschowsky had the vision of building a meat processing empire and therefore started off slowly by opening the meat market at Oak Park. Due to him selling quality products, his enterprise grew rapidly. In fact, by 1917, he had numerous establishments in Chicago and Maywood. At this time, there was no specific name given to the organization. It was after 11 years that the enterprise came to be known as Otto &Sons. Not long after that, Ray Kroc, founder, and CEO of McDonald’s and Otto sealed a great deal. The deal was that Otto & Sons would be the supplier of beef patties to McDonald’s newly opened stores.

Other than supplying meat to McDonald’s, Otto &Sons also supplied meat products to other small restaurants and supermarkets. This also allowed them to gain more knowledge of the market and at the same time increase their popularity. After that, in 1975, Otto &Sons changed name to OSI Industries.

OSI Group has numerous plants in the United States like Illinois, Utah, and Oakland, just to mention a few. Operating as OSI Industries, the firm produces branded meat products for private institutions and co-packs meat items for other customers. OSI Group has over 65 operating plants in 17 countries in Asia, North America and Europe. The company supplies bacon, pizza, fish, pork and other meat products to major firms like Starbucks and Subway.

A true definition of rising from almost nothing, Sheldon Lavin is certainly taking OSI Group to the next level. This is seen in its continuous growth, expansion, and acquisition of a number of firms in the market. In 2014, for instance, OSI Group entered into an agreement with Pickstock. The agreement was to be based in the United Kingdom and gave OSI Group an opportunity to get into the European market as a beef distributor. 2 years later, for $7.4 million, OSI Group took over the Tyson production plant located in Illinois. This was a strategic move since this particular plant was near many of OSI Group’s main facilities. These are just a few of the many major moves OSI Group has made in the market. In fact, so big has OSI Group grown that it was in 2016 ranked 58th on Forbes list of largest private firms.

OSI Group Info: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group#/entity

George Soros Realizes that Democracy is not Appreciated by Everyone

It is a blessing for people to live within a democratic society. Millions of people all over the world enjoy this great opportunity. They live within societies that promote the democratic way of life and being. Democracy is a great form of government but not everyone agrees with the democratic way of life and read full article.

Nations such as North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Cuba are definitely not democracies. The simple truth is that democracy does not work for a few of the nations on Earth. True, most nations are democracies in the general sense of the word. As a matter of fact, at least 123 of the 192 countries in the world are democracies and what George Soros knows.

George Soros is fond of a democracy. He knows that they provide the best opportunity for citizens and nations to develop. He is also aware that democracy will not realistically survive in societies with a specific political, religious, historical and cultural outlook and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

hat makes a democracy? A democracy is simply defined by a nation’s ability to have free and fair elections by competing political parties. It also involves people being involved within a nation’s democratic processes. A government should also take a part in the democratic process as well. Other factors of a democracy include people being activity involved in civic life and the government protecting the rights of citizens.

While these seem like great features for a nation to have, not everyone agrees. North Korea is a socialist state with totalitarian overtones. They hold elections but they are not necessarily free or fair. Afghanistan is an Islamic Republic that could not realistically hold free and fair elections for choosing a leader. Other nations such as Saudi Arabia still have kings who rule their lands. Places such as Syria are ruled by dictators. Democracy would not survive in these nations and Follow his Twitter.

People have a lot of complaints against the democratic way of life. The top complaints that people make against this form of government is that it create wealth disparity, political instability and that the citizens can use it to their own ends. Once again, the democratic process is not for everyone and more information click here.

George Soros knows this and he fights hard to ensure that democracy remains a viable political system. He wants nations around the world to have a democratic society because they help to support an open society. An open society helps the democratic process to flourish and the democratic society provides the perfect background for an open society.

OFS supports many social, political and economic institutions that promote this political system. Soros wants people to have all of their liberties and the greatest opportunities to make a great life. People will have to be responsible for their lives but at least they will have the tools they need to take charge. To find out more about OFS and their work within open democratic societies read Inside Philanthropy.

More Visit: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1997/02/the-capitalist-threat/376773/

Personal Success Adds To The Philanthropy Completed By George Soros

George Soros is perhaps best known in the U.S. as one of the leading political donors of the 21st-century but around the world, the Hungarian-born survivor of the Holocaust of World War II has been seeking to extend the philanthropy he began in the late 1970s. Over the course of the latter half of the 20th-century and into the latest decades of the 21st-century the work of George Soros has brought him a fortune Forbes estimates at over $25 billion and ranks him as one of the top 25 richest people in the world. Soros has made waves for his backing of the Presidential candidacy of Hilary Clinton in her bid to become the first female President of the U.S.; the drive for equality in all aspects of life and business has seen Soros promote Dawn Fitzpatrick to the position of Chief Investment Officer at Soros Fund Management, one of the most powerful positions in the global financial industry.

Personal success comes in many different forms for George Soros, a business leader who has always maintained a liberal outlook towards his political and philanthropic career he believes is important to delivering success over the course of his life. The personal wealth and success George Soros developed over the course of his life has allowed him to make philanthropic donations of around $12 billion to good causes through the Open Society Foundations, a network of good causes Soros believes can make a difference to the lives of millions of people around the world. After taking his own refugee journey to escape the totalitarian regime of the Communist USSR in the 1940s, George Soros retains a close link to all refugees and has campaigned on the behalf of those trapped in closed societies across the planet and Follow his Twitter.com.

Philanthropy began for George Soros in the late 1970s when he started looking to provide scholarships for black males living under the segregation of South Africa’s Apartheid regime and funding for resistance forces in Eastern Europe. The Open Society Foundations reports the philanthropic work of George Soros has expanded since the end of the Cold War to include battles for same-sex marriage rights and the end of the war on drugs and George Soros’s lacrosse camp. Although it is often seen as the beacon of light for the majority seeking a democratic society, George Soros believes his work to bring social justice to the world must include areas of the U.S. After spending much of his adult life living among the bohemian counterculture of New York’s Greenwich Village, George Soros has backed many groups seeking to protect the rights of minority groups in the U.S. through the funding provided through the Open Society Foundations and more information click here.

More Visit: https://www.georgesoros.com/philanthropy/