Perry Mandera’s Humanistic Ethics Leads to Success

A previous United States Marine turned into a successful businessman, Perry Mandera combined his powerful personal ethics with his passions to create The Custom Companies Inc. Mandera doesn’t just focus on his company; he also served the people through politics and his charitable organization, Custom Cares Charities.

Perry Mandera has emphasized that he strived to build his companies to serve people. The Custom Companies Inc. serves thousands of customers and has annual sales that exceed 20 million dollars. His hard work has paid off and in 2000 Perry Mandera was named one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” (

Why does he value serving people? Perry Mandera claims that being a United States Marine built up a sense of camaraderie and put him in tune with his emotions. This paired with learning experience from his youth provided him with some of the expertise he has today. His wanting to help people is why The Custom Companies Inc. has services available 24/7, and clients don’t have to engage in confusing contracts. It also is why he gives so much back to people, especially in Chicago area.

When Perry Mandera returned to Chicago after serving in the armed forces, he worked for several different transportation companies. He also owned his own business and served as a committeeman for the Republican Party in Chicago for four years (being the youngest person to be a committeeman). Perry Mandera also has given back to so many individuals and families through the years. He has said he has a soft spot for children, and that he tries to help them have better tomorrows, financially. Perry Mandera’s efforts shine through, as he has donated thousands of winter coats to children, as well as sponsors over 100 youth sports teams and charity organizations.

As someone who thoroughly believes our experiences shape who we are, Perry Mandera strives to help make everyone’s experience as beneficial as possible. His own charitable organization, Custom Cares Charities shows his dedication to others, as well as the true extent of his success.