Among the best lawyers and entrepreneurs in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto is on the list. Having to pave his way from grassroots to his current position through hard work and determination among other virtues. He is recognized as one of the best strategists in business. It is evident as Ricardo Tosto started by working for centenary companies in business litigation and some years later created his office, which is among the biggest, in the country. Through his wisdom, skills, and experience he gained an excellent reputation in the country as he has been able to defend various companies and personalities in court cases and granted the defendants success.

He was in the forefront to advocate for the building of a large Brazilian and even in the creation of multi-national groups for politicians and the government. With all the challenges facing his profession, Ricardo Tosto has managed to maintain his name and those of his colleagues regardless. The lawyer and entrepreneur have been able to use his knowledge and skills to facilitate the development of the country. For instance, he contributed to the process of deciding how to create laws of significant impact in the economy of Brazil. The laws created have been adapted into legal mechanisms which have been adapted to the normal routine by many business people bringing positive changes.

All these achievements have been contributed by his team who joined Ricardo Tosto’s firm as trainees. He ensures they contribute in all ways possible as he is their manager and trainer.Ricardo Tosto recently joined hands with other lawyers in a partnership that would affect the Brazilians in a good manner. He came to a technical agreement with Milk and Barros where they agreed to work together to make the Brazilian lawyers eligible to have technical exchanges with foreign lawyers. The project is known as the repatriation of assets abroad. The three partners provide funds for the project with the aim of helping their local lawyers have legal right to be active with other countries that come to the acceptance of the project. For the project to be effective, the laws were outlined to govern it. Therefore, Richard Tosto has been of importance to Brazil as he has helped in the growth of productive laws.