Securus Technologies Moves Forward with New Product

One industry that continues to provide a very valuable service to individuals all over the country is the law enforcement and correctional facility industry. While this industry has been around for centuries and has always had challenges keeping prisons safe and secure, the use of improved technology has made it even harder in recent years. Today, one of the biggest issues that a prison can have is controlling the use of illegal cell phones in the prison. The use of cell phones allows for uncontrolled communication and can provide a lot of challenges to prison officials.


While prisons have made cell phones illegal, they are ultimately very hard to keep out. The items are small enough where they can be easily snuck in past guards. While keeping prisoners away from cell phones is very hard, one company has found a way to make the cell phones pointless to even have. Securus Technologies has recently unveiled a new wireless containment system that can provide a prison with more security and services than ever imagined before.


The new wireless containment system that has been introduced by Securus Technologies will work by blocking all incoming and outgoing cellular signals in an area of the prison. A prison that invests in one of these systems will then be able to place it strategically around the prison and will be able to block calls in a very specific area. This will make the phone practically useless for any user as they will no longer be able to receive calls or use data plans.


While this is just the latest product and service provided by Securus Technologies, it is hardly the only successful roll out that they have had in recent years. Securus Technologies was established more than 10 years ago and has continued to develop a reputation for being a leader when it comes to providing security and communications services to the law enforcement industry. The company, which is based out of Dallas and provides services and products to more than 1,000 facilities across the country, has several other innovative products that can help to protect prisons as well.


One of the leading products that is provided by Securus Technologies is a video visitation service. This service allows those that are inmates to make live video chat calls to a loved one or other party. This has been very popular with inmates as it gives them a much better glimpse of their home life. Many prisons have been able to use these calls as a way to award a prisoner for good behavior. Securus Technologies can also provide a monitoring service that will help to monitor these calls. This service has helped to prevent and solve many crimes in and out of the prison.