Substantial Success in Seven Years: The EOS Company

In only seven years, the EOS company has gone from a small company with a small startup to the second best-selling lip balm in the country. Their goal was to create a new lip balm from scratch, in order to provide women with a better lip care alternative.

Previously to EOS lip balm, there were very few all natural lip care alternatives available to consumers. Chapstick tubes were pretty unimpressive, and the primary flavors available were cherry and mint. Chapstick was also marketed as a unisex product. EOS found this to be unsatisfactory, also view fantastic review here on After doing in-depth consumer research and learning as much as possible about the current market trends, EOS discovered that a huge amount of women used Chapstick as a beauty product. Women were complaining about how easy it was to lose their lip balms and Chapsticks in the depths of their purses, and they mentioned that though they liked the little pots of lip balm on the market, they did not like having to apply it with their fingers. EOS decided that since women were depending daily on their lip care products, that they deserved a product that was not only useful but fun and delicious as stated also in

With that information, EOS created their adorable and colorful orbs of lip balm, click to see products. They smelled and tasted fantastic, would not be lost easily, and were an all-natural healthy alternative to lip care. The product took off rapidly. It first appeared in Walgreens and was quickly picked up by many other large chains after that. Over the course of less than a decade, EOS was selling around one million lip balm spheres a week, and the company was worth $250 million. They are still growing and plan to keep making strides to improve the evolution of skin care without any signs of stopping.

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