Susan McGalla Talking about Women Empowerment in Business Circle

The position of women in any company is inferior to that of a man. Even as the world has progressed to the twenty-first century and the progressive mindset of gender equality and feminism has taken over the planet, there is a bias against women in most of the companies. If you have any doubts about that, you can do a quick research on how many top companies have women as their top bosses or in the critical positions in the management. However, it needs mention here that things are changing pretty quickly in the positive direction, and future looks better if things continue the way it is now. One of the inspiring women who is not only a successful businesswoman herself but also an inspiration to many young women across the globe is Susan McGalla.

Presently, Susan McGalla is the VP of Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers Inc and has in the past served as the CEO of Wet Seals Inc and President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. The achievements of Susan McGalla in her various roles she has served over the years has helped her become a popular name in the corporate circle, and also one of the most sought-after business executives in the industry. Susan McGalla feels that just like she achieved success in the highly competitive corporate circle, any other woman can too with a bit of determination, patience, and perseverance.

Susan McGalla advises young women to focus on their education and complete it with good grades. Susan McGalla also speaks about the importance of going for higher education as it is the educational qualification that is given high importance in the corporate culture. Many of the women drop out from college for jobs or don’t get high grades, which becomes an issue for them later in life. Not going to higher education or low grades become an obstacle for them then in life when working at a company, and their growth becomes stagnant. Susan McGalla also advised women to arrange their finance from the very beginning for the higher education as it is expensive when enrolled in a reputed university.