Alex Pall and the Chain Smokers

The Interview I am writing on features Alex Pall and the Chain Smokers. When you first get to the Interview page, the colors are vibrant. The band’s pictures that are promoted practically jump off the page. This article was published in mid-year 2016. Several factors and people helped make this Interview a success. The Stylist helped with what types of clothes best fit the band’s image. The Photographer used their talent to take pictures in perfect settings and backgrounds. On social media sites, lots of people read this publication. The band’s fan base grew because of the article’s positive feedback. Overall, the Chain Smokers Interview was a major success.

Alex Pall and his band have up and coming artists on their newest album. During the time of this Interview, they put out a hot new single. The Chain Smokers style is fun dance music. They sing upbeat and funky songs. The band wants their passion and love to shine through to their fans. Their music shows emotion and vulnerability. Alex’s band continue to connect and have fun with their fans. In the world of dance music, the Chain Smokers stand out from other competing artists.

Alex Pall is asked a series of questions about himself and his band mates. During the Interview, Alex talks about his experience as a DJ from a young age. He was playing at gigs all over New York City. For a long time, being a DJ was a hobby for Pall. One day he decided to turn his hobby into a career. Alex’s manager paired him to work with another fellow music lover. Alex and Drew hit it off right from the beginning. After some life changes, the Chain Smokers was formed. This was just the beginning of success for Alex Pall and his funky band.