End Citizens United: The Complaint Against Rick Scott

End Citizens United filed a complaint against Rick Scott for using a “SuperPac” to find senate campaign. They believe that was he is doing is illegal. It is being said that he is going around the law to get the money and refusing to adhere to the federal limits that were issued.

This is a serious matter as candidates are supposed to uphold all laws, not keep some and break others. So far Rick Scott has $78 million raised for his campaign coffers. A “SuperPac” is well within its right to raise as much money as it can and spend as it needs to as long as there are no direct links to any campaigns. End Citizens United is actually accusing Rick Scott of violating the anti-coordination law. They claim he did it with the New Republican Pac. Scott used to be the chairman of this particular group before running for the Senate. Because of that, the PAC promised to get him elected to the United States Senate.

Adam Bozzi who is the Communications Director for End Citizens United States that Scott is only interested in political ambitions and not the law. Basically, Bozzi is saying that he figured out how to bypass a law to acquire soft money that was meant for the president. He stated that Scott evaded disclosure laws, and paid his campaign bills with that money. People on Rick Scott’s campaign team denied the accusations. Documents showing that he was working with the PAC at the time seem to show otherwise. The PAC’s website had Scott listed as the chairman back in January. End Citizens United was created to keep big money out of the political system. They work with candidates who feel the same way. One of their biggest goals to make donations amounts public and require limits. Getting rid of political greed is a priority for this organization.

End Citizens United is throwing son serious allegations out there. Just how factual they are no one knows. Only time will tell with a thorough investigation as to whether these statements are true.

About End Citizens United: mothershipstrategies.com/case-study/end-citizens-united/