Jeunesse Global’s Skin Care Products

Jeunesse Global is a young company that has experienced a great deal of growth in just a short period of time. Since the company was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has expanded its business across the globe. The company currently has 32 field offices, and its products are sold in 130 nations.


The company is noted for its wide-range of products that are designed to enhance the youthful appearance of the skin. Jeunesse products also help to provide the nutritional support that is necessary for people to feel younger. Jeunesse believes that when people feel younger, it manifests in a more youthful appearance.


Among the many products that are available from Jeunesse, there are a number of skin care products available. Instantly Ageless is a product created to reduce bags underneath the eyes. The product is also useful in reducing the appearance of small lines and wrinkles in the skin. Instantly Ageless can reduce under the eye baginess in as little as two minutes.


The Luminesce line is a group of skin care products that are designed to help reduce the effects of ageing on the skin. Each of the products in the Luminesce line contain APT-200. The Luminesce line was developed by dermatologists exclusively for Jeunesse. These products provide hydration to the skin while they give the skin a brighter appearance, and they can make the skin tighter and younger looking.


NV is Jeunesse Global’s line of cosmetic products. These products also contain APT-200 that makes the skin more youthful in appearance. NV products include primer, foundation and a bronzer. Each of the products in the NV line leave an airbrushed look to the skin. All NV products are appropriate for all types of skin, and none of the NV products contain oil or sulfates.


At Jeunesse Global, skin care is important. These products, along with the nutritional products from Jeunesse, help the skin feel younger, and they help people to feel better about themselves.