Coming from a humble beginning, Adam Milstein is a person who has always had the heart of service. He was born in South America but later relocated to Israel. As a requirement, he had to enter the defense force where he became of direct service to the country of Israel. He got the opportunity to be educated and later advance to acquire a masters’ degree in Business administration. In the course of his studies, he had the privilege to join his father in real estate development. Therefore, the experiences and education he acquired, paved the way to the start and growth of his career and achievements.

As a start, he got the chance to work in the commercial real estate as an agent. Therefore, he was provided more skills to work and invest in the real estate business. At some point, he was selected to be the managing director of Hager Pacific Properties which deals with restructuring, relocating and designing in real estate among other things. Adam Milstein got to be a reputable entrepreneur through the works he did for people.

He had the urge to do more to reach the lives of the people. As a result, he started a foundation together with his wife. The foundation purposed to impact the lives of people by providing moral and financial support to the young people and small entrepreneurs. Therefore, the society got an influential person especially with the fact that he mostly wanted the Jewish American families to relate and identify with their origin. He has worked with other people as a partner in several philanthropic organizations to touch more people.

Adam Milstein has gone beyond to serve and contribute to the welfare of the people. Some years back he joined a team of bloggers in an online newspaper namely Times of Israel. The newspaper helps the Jewish families get informed on current issues concerning them. The people get the privilege to relate and feel a sense of belonging as they contribute their views. Therefore, Adam Milstein expresses his concerns and opinions on the blog to reach out to more people. For instance, in a recent article, he wrote about how the Jews located in the Diaspora will meet the needs of Israel and make it a better place. The article is titled,” Diaspora Jews will rise to meet our challenges with Israel in our hearts.”