End Citizens United Takes on Florida Governor Rick Scott

Political action committee End Citizens United is flexing its strong and far-reaching muscles again and this time it is going after Florida Governor Rick Scott. The PAC recently filed an official complaining with the Federal Election Commision (FEC) alleging that Scott is engaging in illegal activities in an effort to support campaign for Senator of Florida. The group states that Scott is using a Super PAC in an attempt to circumvent federal laws that limit direct contributions into the coffers of candidates.

The divisive candidate has reported contributions of approximately $78 million thus far in his bid to move from a governor to Senator. Although it is within legal rights for a super PAC to raise money without limits, the regulations strictly prohibit working directly with any campaign or individual. Legal officials at End Citizens United allege that Scott is working with New Republican PAC in violation of this anti-coordination provision. New Republican and Scott go way back, as Scott had been chairman of the PAC before he announced his intent to run for Senate. How to Reverse Citizens United.

Scott’s campaign has continued to deny these accusations, stating that he has parted ways with the group in advance of his campaign. Adam Bozzi with End Citizens United is not buying Scott’s story. The Communications Director said that Scott is merely interested in advancing political career rather than complying with the law. Bozzi went so far as to allege that the super PAC was created as a means of helping Scott get around the crucial campaign finance laws that his PAC works so hard to uphold in an effort to funnel money into his own personal campaign.

End Citizens United has put a priority on defeating Scott at the polls this November, as they believe he is a threat to campaign finance reform legislation. There has been plentiful evidence in recent months that point to Scott’s direct involvement with New Republican including proof that a recent poll regarding Scott was sponsored and paid for by New Republican. By going after Scott, End Citizens United is taking one step in the bigger process of overturning the landmark 2010 Supreme Court case that encourages big donorship in the political system, leading to widespread corruption and unfair campaign practices.

End Citizens United info: thehill.com/social-tags/end-citizens-united