TechStyle Stands Behind Their Subscription Membership Services to Shoppers Interested in a New Fashion Trend

The presence of fashion, e-commerce and technology is popping up everywhere. During the year 2016, the amount of e-commerce revenue had totaled more than $70 billion dollars. By the year 2021, the projected amount of revenue to be raised will reach $116 billion. The fashion brands and startups have all found a way to become more appealing to the presence of the digital friendly consumers. The presence of e-commerce sites is adapting to advanced technology in order to create a market which is being shared through social media outlets.

There has been a model that proved the acceptance of membership style programs that have either found success amongst shoppers or failure for the items they are selling. The one business that comes to mind is the leader of subscription type memberships that has been quite successful in e-commerce.

TechStyle is a name that many others have not heard of or is not familiar with. The brand is a leader in the roles of technology and marketing for e-commerce. The fashion group is led by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg who are both CEO’s for the business.

Startup Who Set The Bar High For Breaking The System

During 2010, a retail business that was created to be the very first type of fashion memberships was released. The program that is known to shoppers as JustFab allows shoppers the opportunity to increase their footwear collection through the subscription membership program. With this membership, shoppers are given access to retail shoes for 30% off from the normal price paid in stores. The same shoppers are also granted the ability to shop before other customers and to collect loyal reward points for their purchases through JustFab.

When the model proved to be a success in just a few years, JustFab had reported to selling just slightly above 2.5 million pairs of various styles of shoes. The first quarter of 2012 had shown the increase in shoppers to the membership service that has proven to be successful for the CEO’s Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler.

It was during the next few years that more businesses popped up with membership programs and subscription services. The other businesses known as FabKids and ShoeDazzle have reached success in other countries like Germany and the U.K. Class A celebrity who is cashing in on the business is Kate Hudson who has brought Fabletics to the leading market for fashion wear to be used for athletic appearances is helping to increase the presence of businesses utilizing the subscription base memberships.