The Breathtaking Quests to Empower Women Leaders in Dallas

NexBank SSB is one of the largest financial institutions that serve Dallas’ largest population. Basically, it deals with the provision of institutional services, commercial banking to employees and entrepreneurs as well as mortgaging services. The bank has a team of professional employees who are equipped with the necessary skills needed for their services to be a success. So far, the company has managed to earn both long term and short term assets worth $6.4 billion.

The company operates under the umbrella of Nexbank Capital Inc. which is the overall overseer of most banking services in Dallas’ financial institutions. Their services vary depending on the preferences of their clients. Most of the time, the company has served clients from money-lending institutions, finance-based organizations, investors, entrepreneurs just to mention a few.

Surprisingly, the company has been actively involved in charitable funding for various organizations despite their busy schedule. It’s true that you make time for the things that matter most and truly, this has been shown by the involvement of NexBank SSB with the Dallas Women Foundation. This has been through the channeling of generous funds for the foundation’s 32nd Annual Luncheon.

Additionally, NexBank donated $100,000 towards empowering women in leadership to enhance their involvement in economic development. Most importantly, The 2017 Annual Luncheon aims at hosting successful leaders and entrepreneurs of the world including Dr. Hope Jahren. These influential speakers will impact on the lives of young and future leaders of the society especially women and young girls. All these will be successful due to the generosity of the professional team at NexBank.

The event planners have prepared live streaming platforms to ensure that the leadership mentorship program reaches various students in different schools across the whole of Texas including those living in North Texas.

Dallas Women’s Foundation has rooted their operations within Texas and wishes to organize more luncheons every year. This way they are positive that they will capture the attention of many entrepreneurs and community leaders. Most importantly, Dallas Women’s Foundation is positive that they will get more funds to support women in their quest for bringing change to economic development.

To simply put it, NexBank has greatly changed the livelihoods of women in the communities within Dallas.