The journal Oncotarget has become a high-impact publisher of more than just Oncology research

While many researchers in the cancer field are familiar with the journal Oncotarget as a source of ground-breaking oncology research, some may not know that the journal accepts papers in other fields of biology and medicine as well. The journal boasts five sections beyond oncology which include Gerotarget/Aging, Pathology, Immunology and Microbiology, Autophagy and Cell Death, and Chromosome and more information click here. The Geotarget/Aging section of the journal publishes important research on aging and age-related disease, including topics in genetics and mechanisms of aging, signal transduction pathways, cellular senescence, pharmacological and dietary anti-aging modalities, pathology in model organisms, age-related diseases including atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and other diseases and Oncotaget’s lacrosse camp. The prestigious advisory board of the Gerotarget/Aging section includes Andrew V. Schally a Nobel Prize Laureate researcher from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center Miami, FL, USA. The journal’s Pathology section was established by Michael Lisanti, the former Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Pathology (AJP), to extend the option of publishing in the high impact Oncotarget journal to pathology researchers. The Immunology and Microbiology section extends the journal’s focus to include papers focused on innate and adaptive immunity, immune cell development, antigen recognition and responses, inflammation, cytokines, signal transduction, gene regulation, cell proliferation, autoimmunity, infectious disease, microbiology, allergy, methods and more and Oncotarget on Facebook. The Autophagy and Cell Death section of Oncotarget led by chief editor Lorenzo Galluzzi, Ph.D. from the Université Paris Descartes/Paris V publishes papers of outstanding impact and novelty in areas of basic and translational research covering a variety of topics including: Accidental Cell Death, AMPK signaling, Apoptosis, Apoptosome, Bioenergetic Metabolism, Caspases, Death Receptors, Dependence Receptors, ER stress, HSP proteins, Lysosomal Degradation, Lysosomal Membrane Permeabilization, Necrosome Signaling, and others and The fifth section of Oncotarget is the Chromosome section which features quality papers on all aspects of chromosome research within the scope of Mitosis and Cytokinesis, Meiosis and Recombination, Genome Engineering, Cell Cycle and Checkpoint Controls, Comparative Genomics, Transcription, Chromosome Topology and Cohesion, Repair and Replication, Heredity and Complex Traits, Epigenomics, Computational and Modeling Approaches, Genome Stability, Aneuploidy, and Apoptosis and what Oncotarget knows.