TMS Health Solutions Helping People Lead A Fulfilling Life

Major Depressive Disorder (clinical Depression) is a health condition that many individuals do not realize they have. A majority of such people suffer for years and only get professional help during a crisis. TMS Health Solution is a company that seeks to give hope to those with mental health conditions.

Formation and Mission of the Company
Dr. Richard Bermudes is the founder of the company that was founded in 2007. It initially operated under the name Mindful Health Solutions. The TMS Health Partners LLC runs the company, and the partners are Brad Hummel, Richard Bermudes, and Karl Lanacho. The company is passionate about helping patients attain their goals by providing personalized treatment plans. The staff treat and research on medical health conditions as well as educate communities.

Symptoms of Clinical Depression
It is vital for one to know the symptoms of MDD and get help as it does not go away on its own. Some symptoms are feeling of worthlessness, isolating oneself, anxiety, and thought of being better off dead.

MDD treatment at TMS Health Solutions
The clinician and staff at the company are passionate about offering patient-centric and innovative care. They first have to listen to the patient and understand the history and symptoms of MDD before coming up with a unique treatment plan. They partner with patient’s primary care providers, therapist, and psychiatrist to ensure a patient gets the best treatment result. Treatment at the company is a combination of medication, psychotherapy and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).
a) Psychotherapy- patients talk their issues with a psychiatrist.
b) Medication- patients get antidepressants that increase blood flow to the brain cells or regulates the mood.
c) Electroconvulsive therapy- involves passing of electric current through the brain. It is performed under general anesthesia.
d) TMS Therapy– a non-invasive therapy that does not require surgery or sedation.

More about the TMS Therapy
Almost half of MDD patients do not respond to medication. This therapy is an advanced, effective and proven option for the treatment-resistant depression. It uses magnetic pulses that are directed to the brain. It has been approved by the FDA and unlike antidepressants, it has no side effects. The TMS Therapy is administered in an outpatient setting and a session takes between 30-60 minutes. A patient requires a treatment plan with sessions lasting for four to six weeks. The clinicians at TMS Health Solutions have specialized in TMS Therapy. According to their statistics, the therapy is effective in more than half of the patients.