Wes Edens’ Successful Career Journey

Wesley Robert Edens is a 56-year-old American who resides in New York City. He is well known for his contribution to the Fortress organization where he was the co-founder. He is married to Lynn Edens, and together they have four children. He went to the Oregon State University where he studied Bachelor of studies in Finance and Business Administration. Wes Edens is a billionaire who has worked with different organizations including BlackRock Financial Management where he held the position of the head of asset investors and Lehman Brothers where he was the managing director. He has also rendered his services in many other firms including Global Signal Inc., Capstead Mortgage Corp, Impac Commercial Holdings and the Global Principal Financial Group mostly holding the position of a chief executive officer.

He joined Fortress in 1998 where he was the co-founder and later became the co-chairperson in the organization’s board. While working with the Fortress company, Wes Edens main role was to head the publicly traded business together with the equity alternative investment business. While working in the Fortress company, numerous employees of the company expressed their satisfaction online. They stated good working conditions and the interns said that they learned a lot from the company.This billionaire’s total take-home pay per year is 54.4 million US Dollars and was therefore ranked at position 962 in the world’s billionaire list in 2008. He is greatly involved in sports, and he even owns a National Basketball Organization and also the FlyQuest which is a new eSport franchise. He is also the co-owner of Milwaukee Bucks.

Apart from his role in his career, Wes Edens also plays a role in the community and the political section. He supported various candidates including Max Baucus, the Montana senator, and political parties by donating 265,000 US Dollars to support their political career. In his support to the community, he donated 2.7 million US Dollars to fund educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. He even serves as a trustee in Chinook charitable trust. He has also boosted organization including the foundation of Environmental Advocates of New York. Wes Edens is one of the rich personalities whose success has become the success of many in the community and whose impact has been felt by many. Through his generosity, many people have had to improve their lives. The organizations he served have also made major steps in development because of his dedication and his outstanding personality.